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5 Records Carlos Alcaraz Broke With His Madrid Open Win


Carlos Alcaraz is the current hot topic in the tennis world ever since he won the Miami, Barcelona and now the Madrid Open.

Carlos is just 19 years old and he is already leaving his mark among the best tennis players to ever play the sport. Speaking about the Madrid Open, Carlos did not have an easy title-winning run in the tournament.

He had a tricky opening round and had to go through the likes of Cameron Norrie, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and finally, Alexander Zverev to clinch his second ATP Masters 1000 title.

Carlos Alcaraz
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Aged only 19 years, after the win in Madrid, Carlos has already stepped up to set a lot of impressive records. Let us have a look at his 5 most impressive ones. 

Carlos is the youngest player to win the Madrid Open

Seems like Carlos is keen on taking the mantle of ‘King of Clay’ away from his mentor and fellow countryman Rafael Nadal.

After his win in the Madrid Open at 19 years, Carlos Alcaraz overtook Rafael Nadal’s record of being the youngest tennis player to have won the Madrid Open.

However, one point worth noting is that when Rafael won his first Madrid Open title, the court was not based on a clay surface. 

Alcaraz becomes the first player since 2007 to beat three top-four players at a Masters 1000 event

As said earlier, Carlos has had a very challenging run to clinch the prestigious title of the Madrid Open.

He had to face Rafael Nadal in the semifinals who is currently ranked 4 and is also dubbed as the ‘King of Clay’ due to his sheer domination on the clay court.

Later, he had to face Novak Djokovic who is currently the World No 1 in the ATP rankings. In the finals of the Madrid Open, he defeated Alexander Zverev who is ranked third. 

Carlos became the first teenager to defeat Rafael Nadal on a clay surface

Rafael Nadal is considered to be almost unbeatable while playing on a clay court.

His numbers justify his reputation and it is very difficult to even for a seasoned player to get the better of Nadal on a clay surface. And for a teenager to do this is a commendable job.

Carlos had defeated Nadal in a closely poised quarterfinals match in the Madrid Open. 

Carlos Alcaraz is the youngest player since Rafael Nadal to enter into top 10 ATP rankings

Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz both of them reached the top 10 rankings after winning the Barcelona Open.

With the Barcelona Open win, Carlos became the youngest player ever to enter the top 10 rankings of the ATP. He is currently ranked at his all-time best of rank 6 after getting the Madrid Open title.  

Carlos Alcaraz is the youngest Miami Open winner

Carlos won his first ATP Masters 1000 event in Miami this year.

By winning in Miami, he not only got the record but also got the prestigious record of being the youngest ever player to win the Miami Open. He currently has won two ATP 1000 Masters titles, one in Miami and now in Madrid as well. 

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