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Ali Abdelaziz Compares Colby Covington to Conor McGregor – “I Hope He Becomes Blind or Something”



Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington

UFC Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman’s Manager Ali Abdelaziz has commented on the potential title bout between him and Colby Covington. Ali also addressed the long-standing feud between the two fighters in an interview with  MMAjunkie.

Colby has previously accused the champion of ducking him for the title fight. However,  many believed that Colby Covington had his chance once and lost it. So, other fighters should be given the opportunity. Considering that, the reporter asked if Usman really wants to fight Colby anymore. To which Kamaru’s manager replied:

That is the fight. The last time they fought he broke his jaw. In this fight, I hope he becomes blind or something happens to him very badly because he is a very bad guy. He is on the same piece of the sh** list as Conor.”

Certainly, Ali’s assurance for the fight has cleared the air regarding Colby’s accusations of Kamaru ducking him.


But, Ali didn’t stop there. He bashed Colby for his demeaning comments on his previous teammate, Dustin‘s wife.

He used Dustin Poirier’s wife as a prop. How can you say that? You used to train with, sleep with, sweat with, eat with that guy. How can you talk about him like that.”

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Ali Abdelaziz’s Prediction for Kamaru vs Colby Covington fight and plans for  Kamaru’s future in the promotion:

Moving forward, Ali also feels that Colby is not a great fighter. So, he believes  If Covington will hang in there against Usman at their fight. He will be hurt badly. According to Ali, It isn’t Jon Jones who is the best pound-for-pound fighter. Rather it is Kamaru Usman.

Kamaru has defeated almost every top fighter in the welterweight division. So, considering that Abdelaziz revealed his management’s plan of making Kamaru a two-weight division champion. 

I want him to become a two-division champion. I think he can do it. He can beat anybody, ” Ali said. 

Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington

When asked about the dates of Colby vs Kamaru he said it’s Dana White’s job. But, if White wants Covington to start ” drinking out of the straw or not walking for a year or two” he is happy to serve him. Giving an ending note Ali said :

Colby Covington is a dead man. The time clock is ticking. He is gonna get what he asked for very violently.”

Certainly,  Kamaru has proved to be the best at the highest level. However, counting out Colby might not be the smartest out there. 

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