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All You Need to Know About Israel Adesanya’s Giant Back Tattoo



Israel Adesanya Back Tatto

Israel Adesanya is currently the UFC middleweight champion and is indeed one of the biggest stars in the company. Apart from his stylistic striking game, the Nigerian-New Zealander also likes to carry himself around in style outside the octagon, which is often reflected in his wardrobe and tattos.

Israel Adesanya

Along with anime, The Last Styleblender also has a soft spot for tattoos in his heart. However, he didn’t have his first tattoo until he was 22, as his family still lives by African culture.  The fighter once confessed that he had to hide his ear from his parents and family for a week after he pierced his ear. Nevertheless, the fighter has a total of 7 tattoos on his whole body, each has its meaning and stories behind it.

The Last Styleblender says “ if you are getting tattoo for the first time, my suggestion is don’t overthink. Just go for it

Let’s know about the largest tattoo he has on his body, from the neck to the back of his knees.  He also mentions that he started his first tattoo as personal “memorabilia for my body.” He just did it to feel the pain of getting a tattoo and to see if it suits him. Turns out he wears them better than anyone else. 

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Stories behind the Stylebender’s tattoos: Israel Adesanya designs his own tattoos

Adesanya himself designed the tattoo on his back.  He has mentioned before that he wanted this tattoo to pop out and gloom. It is a large Japanese-style dragon, a crocodile dragon, as the fighter wanted it to have an African touch. He calls the tattoo as “Kunta Kinte”.

Which by coincidence matches with a fictional character. The avobe was a character in Alex Haley’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Roots. Kunta was sold to an American owner. But, he resisted against both, his slavery and the name “Toby” that his owner gave him. 

It might be possible that the above might not be the reason that he came up with this name. However, his tattoo certainly defies the rebel he is. 

He aims to ink the tattoo in the future so that it will look more prominent and says he wants it to “pop-out”. he has a tattoo saying” the broken native ” on his chest. Upon which when questioned he confessed 

Over the years I just realized that will be my whole life story. I have always been like the odd one out. The bat among the dogs. The pebble among the stones. As a native, I am broken.”