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All You Need to Know About the June Joust Overwatch League Event




Four teams qualified for the June Joust Tournament Final Bracket after a month of play. Unexpectedly, the back-to-back Overwatch League champions failed to qualify for this round. The June Joust Final Bracket has all you need to know about the schedule, teams, heroes, maps, prize money, and more.

The Dallas Fuel’s quest for a second monthly tournament victory is the primary storyline from the June Joust. After a six-map confrontation with the Shanghai Dragons. The Fuel took the May Melee Championship with amazing team synergy and individual talent. Dallas are back in Hawaii for the June Joust, hoping to defend their championship crown after dominating the current “GOATS” North American meta.

The Dallas Fuels

The June Joust bracket’s other half is a little less predictable than the Shanghai-Dallas rivalry. The New York Excelsior narrowly made it into the tournament bracket in the East Region, thanks to a win over the Hangzhou Spark and a few rare slip-ups by the region’s higher-ups. Bang “JJoNak” Sung-Hyeon, the 2018 Overwatch League MVP, will be seeking to lead the mostly rookie team to victory or, at the absolute least, a solid tournament showing.

Want to give your predictions?

You can enter your predictions in the Overwatch League Pick’Em if you already know who will win the June Joust Tournament. Each right prediction earns you points, which you can exchange for League Tokens. Those tokens are used to purchase Overwatch League skins from your favourite team.

The June Joust will feature a double-elimination bracket, as is customary for Overwatch League tournaments. Except for the grand finals, all games will be conventional Overwatch first-to-three matches. The grand finals will be played in a first-to-four format. Following the completion of the first Control map, the losing team will select the next map from a predetermined pool.

League Matches and its Prizes

The New York Excelsior faced defeat at the hands of  the Atlanta Reign in the quarterfinals on June 10. The Shanghai Dragons were defeated by Dallas Fuel and will play The New York Excelsior which is Match 4.

The Dallas Fuel will meet the Atlanta Reign, with the loser facing either the winner of the Sanghai Dragons vs The New York Excelsior match  to decide the second grand finals participant.

The grand finals of June Joust start at 20:00 CT on June 12. The Grand Prize is only one team away with: $100,000 . Three other “league points” have been added to the team’s season.

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