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Antetokounmpo Brothers: Giannis and Thanasis Join Kostas as They Become the 2021 NBA Champions



Giannis Antetokounmpo and his brothers

The NBA Finals just came to an end and the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA title. They beat the Phoenix Suns in 6 games and took the crown of the best team in the NBA. This was the first NBA title for the Milwaukee Bucks since the 70’s. They broke their 50 year drought with their elite defense. Giannis Antetokounmpo was named the Finals MVP after his 50/14 and 5 blocks in game 6. 

When Giannis was being awarded the Finals MVP they asked Giannis a question. It was along the lines of how he felt that all his brothers that are in the NBA are champions. 

He responded by saying this, 

” Wooo! I’m just happy that you know, a lot of people were making jokes last year when Kostas won the championship with the Lakers. And you know, obviously the dinner table was awkward a little bit because he had the ring before me. But now, me and Thanasis have a ring too.” 

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Kostas Antetokounmpo of the 2019-20 Los Angeles Lakers

Its funny to imagine that not even a year ago, the Los Angeles Lakers were NBA Champions after beating the Miami Heat in the NBA Bubble. Kostas Antetokounmpo, the youngest of the 3, was a part of that team and won his first NBA Championship. 

However, his role on the Lakers was more of a 12th Man. He was on a 2-way contract and some allegedly thought that he was only on the team to attract Giannis to the Lakers. It was only his 2nd season in the league and he was the literal last pick in the NBA draft. 

He played just 5 games in the regular season that year and did not even record a single playoff minute. His season averages were just 1.4 points per game and spent a lot of time in the G-league. Everyman on the roster is important on a championship team but Kostas was not as involved as would have liked to be. 

Thanasis Antetokounmpo of the 2020-21 Milwaukee Bucks

Thanasis came into the league in 2015-16 when he got drafted by the New York Knicks 51st overall. He had played just 2 games for the Knicks that season and then did not play in the league till 2019-20 when the Bucks picked him up. 

The reason for picking up that was widely thought was to keep Giannis in Milwaukee. In his 2 seasons at Milwaukee he played 77 games and even started 5 of those games. In the playoffs this year he played 13 games, however only averaged 3 minutes and less than 1 point per game.

He had picked up an injury in the playoff but was a part of this Bucks team that won the NBA title. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo of the 2020-21 Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo Wins the NBA Championship

Giannis, age wise, comes in between both these brothers. However, based on just talent, he blows them out of the water. Giannis averaged 30 points per game in this playoffs and 35 in the finals. He’s a former MVP, MIP and DPOY and the reigning NBA champion and Finals MVP. 

He was the main man on both sides of the floor for the Bucks and without him would have not even made the playoffs. This was his first NBA title bust based on his potential, definitely not last. 

We see the trend of getting an Antetokounmpo brother and that leading to an NBA title. They also have one more brother who is just 19 years old and hasn’t made the league yet. It is possible that when Alex Antetokounmpo makes the league he becomes better than Giannis? Could we one day see all 4 brothers team up and win a title together? It might happen and we will keep an eye on all of them. 

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