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Is Anthony Davis signing with the Lakers again?- Agent gives valuable free agency advice



Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis has been everything the Los Angeles Lakers were looking for this season. The GOAT lob finisher has been averaging great numbers, breaking out as the 2-way player he is known to be. Anthony Davis-Lebron James led Los Angeles Lakers were on the road to victory before the suspension of the league due to COVID-19. Lebron James has been highly supportive of commissioner Adam Silver in the resumption of ’19-’20 season. Some allege it is because they have the best odds of winning the championship.

Although, a surge in positive cases in Florida and opposition from players stand in their way. But resumption or no resumption, free agency is looming and players need to make a decision. Anthony Davis hits unrestricted free agency in October as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski. He has two options now, either extend the deal with Lakers for another season or risk hitting free agency.

Anthony Davis

Signing supermax deals in this situation not advisable

Normally, hitting unrestricted free agency would be advisable however these are not ‘normal’ times. Davis’ agent discussed extensively why its not advisable for players to sign supermax contract. And it seems to be the prevailing trend throughout the organization.

“We don’t know whether they’re going to play or not. It probably makes sense for everybody to sign a one-year deal. Even the big free agents like Anthony Davis – sign a one-year deal (this summer) and see what the numbers are for ’21, and sign a contract based off the projections for that.”

League’s suspension has left all the teams worse off financially. Consequently, their cap-size is going to decrease when signing superstars. Therefore, it makes sense for players to opt into 1-year contracts.

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Whether Anthony Davis stays with Los Angeles Lakers or not depends heavily on the outcome of this year’s playoffs. In addition, a short term contract benefits Davis as it gives him an option to leave the Los Angeles Lakers once Lebron retires. Moreover, teams are not equipped to give out $200 dollar deals at the moment. Through short term deals, players can avoid getting into less financially awarding long term contracts.

Should the NBA not return this season, it’s highly likely that Anthony Davis will sign with Lakers again to finish their quest for the championship.