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Jimmy Butler is Charging Players a Ridiculously High Amount for Coffee in the NBA Bubble

Securing 5th seed in the eastern conference and leading the Miami Heat to playoffs is apparently just a day job for emerging entrepreneur Jimmy Butler. Making $32.7 million this season, he is trying to make ends meet by charging players $20 a cup for coffee in the NBA Bubble. Lack of good coffee and the restrictive nature of the bubble has certainly given his business a boost.

After an intense game against Oklahoma City Thunder, Jimmy Butler sat down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols to discuss Chris Paul beef, history of rivalry with Indiana Pacers, and his hustle is the bubble. As if averaging 19.9 points, 6 assists, and 6.7 boards per game is not enough, Jimmy Butler is selling coffee at ridiculously high amounts exploiting players’ caffeine addiction.

“You can’t get coffee nowhere here. So I might bump it up to 30 bucks a cup. Just depends. People here can afford it. So ain’t nobody complaining.”

Since $20 a cup wasn’t enough, Butler plans to bump it up to $30 a cup because the players can afford it. He came prepared to the bubble with a French press coffee maker and a whiteboard to display the menu.

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Jimmy Butler uses “one price fits all” concept for his Coffee Shop in the bubble

To prove Butler was not joking about the prices, Miami Heat teammate Meyers Leonard shared a picture of the board hanging in Jimmy’s room displaying the same price for all sizes. Jimmy may be good at making coffee but he certainly needs someone for financing as his coffee business blooms in the bubble.

The “Big Face Coffee” offers a wide range of variety like Latte, Americano, Mocha, Pour Over, Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Red Eye, and Café Au Lait. Putting ‘one price fits all’ concept into effect, Butler serves coffee in his custom made coffee cups he brought with him to Disney World. Even in a pandemic where calls for social distancing are going around, Jimmy Butler prefers cash and strictly refused I.O.Us as per the signboard.

“After my career, I’m opening my coffee shop. Right now, I’m charging 20 bucks a cup. So if you want some, come through.”

In the end, Jimmy Butler discussed his retirement plans with Rachel Nichols, stating he plans to open a coffee shop after his career in the NBA.

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