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Kobe Bryant crash: Disorientation due to fog led to the fatal crash



Kobe Bryant

As new information comes to light in the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash, the trial takes an interesting turn. Vanessa Bryant and Family members of other passengers filed a case against the pilot Ara Zobayan and his Employer Island Express.

The new documents reveal that Zobayan was most likely severely disoriented by fog which resulted in crashing into a hillside in January. Investigators assert seconds before the crash Zobayan radioed air traffic control he was climbing to four thousand, when in fact he was descending, that too at a high rate.

Kobe Bryant

The NTSB reports Zobayan might have misperceived the angles at which he was descending and banking, which can happen when a pilot becomes disoriented in low visibility. The dense fog in the area led to this unfortunate event. Investigators add he is not the first one to experience it. It’s a common cause of accidents, due to which pilots avoid flying in bad weather.

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Investigators report Zobayan believed the weather was “OK” and he told his girlfriend he was in a good shape. He was not high on Alcohol or drugs at the time of the crash, showed the autopsy results. The fact that Clippers’ star Kawhi Leonard and Kylie Jenner’s flights were canceled because of bad weather that day shows negligence on the pilot’s behalf.

Vanessa Bryant files a million-dollar lawsuit against the pilot

During the trial, it was revealed that Kobe Bryant knew about the risk imposed by bad weather beforehand which does not help Vanessa’s case. Island Express Inc. denied any responsibility stating the crash as an “act of god”.

How this new information helps Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit is still unclear. This fatal crash took 9 lives leaving no survivors. There is no conclusion offered in 1,700 pages of reports as to what caused the crash. A final report on the cause is due latter. The cause of crash appears to be pilot’s negligence.