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Kyrie Irving proposes a new league of their own




Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving suggested NBA players should start their own league in a group chat per Stefan Bondy. He appears to have much bigger plans than just opposing systemic racism.

Reportedly Kyrie Irving left the group chat in question after the news broke out. It was later clarified by Stefan Bondy that the ‘new league’ that Kyrie proposed was not in response to NBA’s bubble. Although, it is true that he has been skeptical about the NBA’s return plans and the bubble. This was later confirmed by Bleacher report’s Taylor Rooks

On top of all the criticism that’s coming Kyrie’s way for voicing his opinions, proposing a new league altogether will further fuel the situation. However, it doesn’t come as a surprise from someone who believes the earth is flat.

Kyrie Irving faces backlash for advocating against NBA’s return

Majority of the NBA community feels Kyrie’s stance on league’s return is `outrageous. He has been lobbying for the fact that basketball will shift the conversation from racial injustice to sports, undermining the progress made. Statements like “Retire today and take this full time” were thrown at Kyrie by former NBA champions and executives.

Although commissioner Adam Silver released a state saying players are free to sit the season out for safety/social reasons but they will be penalized financially. In addition, the financial benefits of restarting the season cannot be ignored which can, in turn, be used for the welfare of the black community.

Kyrie Irving’s NBA coalition released a statement opposing the ‘use and abuse’ system. It appears as if people are asking players who oppose NBA’s return to ‘Shut up and dribble’. Irving calls for unity among players to refute the existing system in place.

“We are a group of men and women from different teams and industries that are normally painted as opponents, but have put our egos and differences aside to make sure we stand united and demand honesty during this uncertain time,” the statement reads.

“Native indigenous African Caribbean men and women entertaining the world, we will continue to use our voices and platforms for positive change and truth.

“We are truly at an inflection point in history where as a collective community, we can band together — UNIFY — and move as one. We need all our people with us and we will stand together in solidarity.

“As an oppressed community we are going on 500-plus years of being systemically targeted, used for our IP [intellectual property]/Talent, and also still being killed by the very people that are supposed to ‘protect and serve’ us.


“We are all fathers, daughters leaders and so much more. So what is our BIG picture? We are in this for UNITY and CHANGE!”

Reportedly NBA and players association are discussions to address these problems but there is no definitive plan yet.


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