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NBA Draft Lottery 2020: Results and Projected Top Picks



NBA draft lottery

Following the blowout victory of Milwaukee Bucks over Orlando Magic in the Game 2 of Playoffs, NBA draft lottery commenced. The results turned out to be quite unexpected as neither of the lowest seeds won the top pick in 2020 NBA Draft. Several top players from noncontending teams represented their organization in the draft lottery. Stephen Curry was present for Golden State Warriors, ex-teammate D’Angelo Russell was present on behalf of Minnesota Timberwolves and Devonte’ Graham was representing Charlotte Hornets.

The Minnesota Timberwolves were honoured with the no. 1 pick after missing the playoffs two years in a row. The second overall pick was awarded to the Golden State Warriors after missing the playoffs first time in 8 years. The NBA Draft is scheduled to be held on October 16th right after the NBA finals. The New York Knicks were unlucky yet again this year lading the 8th pick which does not give them any top prospects coming out of college.

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NBA Draft Lottery 2020: Results

1. Minnesota Timberwolves
2. Golden State Warriors
3. Charlotte Hornets
4. Chicago Bulls
5. Cleveland Cavaliers
6. Atlanta Hawks
7. Detroit Pistons
8. New York Knicks
9. Washington Wizards
10. Phoenix Suns
11. San Antonio Spurs
12. Sacramento Kings
13. New Orleans Pelicans
14. Boston Celtics

The order for the remainder of 2020 NBA draft lottery for the first round:

15. Orlando Magic
16. Portland Trailblazers
17. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Brooklyn via Atlanta)
18. Dallas Mavericks
19. Brooklyn Nets (from Philadelphia via LA Clippers)
20. Miami Heat
21. Philadelphia 76ers (from Oklahoma City via Orlando and Philadelphia)
22. Denver Nuggets (from Houston)
23. Utah Jazz
24. Milwaukee Bucks (from Indiana)
25. Oklahoma City Thunder(from Denver)
26. Boston Celtics
27. New York Knicks (from LA Clippers)
28. Los Angeles Lakers
29. Toronto Raptors
30. Boston Celtics

Top prospects of 2020 NBA Draft- Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman, Lamello Ball

After going back and forth the Golden State Warriors were actively scouting for Anthony Edwards instead of LaMelo Ball. However, now that Minnesota Timberwolves have landed the first overall pick in the NBA draft 2020 the top pick will be decided by the position they are looking for. Acquiring point guard D’Angelo Russell in the Andrew Wiggins trade with the Golden State Warriors recently, the Timberwolves are less likely to go for another LaMelo Ball which makes Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman the top 2 prospects this year

Anthony Edwards: Minnesota Timberwolves will select this 6’5 shooting guard from Georgia averaging 19.1 points per game in his freshman year. The trio of Karl Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russel and Anthony Edwards would be prolific for Minnesota Timberwolves offensively.

James Wiseman: With a small-ball shooting lineup, the Golden State Warriors are expected to pick this 7’1 big-man to improve their post presence and defence after trading their centre to Minnesota in D’Angelo trade.

LaMelo Ball: After being projected as the No.1 pick, Ball slipped down to no. 3 after the NBA draft lottery results came out. Owing to the recent departure of point guard Kemba Walker, the Charlotte Hornet are expected to opt for LaMelo Ball in the draft.

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