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Ben Askren Makes a Shocking Revelation on His Fight Purse for Jake Paul Fight



Ben Askren


Former UFC welterweight, Ben Askren made his boxing debut against Jake Paul on Triller’s second PPV. Though the outcome of the fight did not go in the favor of Ben Askren there are a lot of positives for him from Saturday night.

Ben Askren earned a base fight purse of $500k, which is the biggest payday for The Funky. It is to be noted that Askren has fought in the biggest MMA promotions such as UFC, Bellator MMA, and ONE FC. However, a boxing fight with a YouTuber turned boxer became the biggest payday of Askren.

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In a recent interview with ESPN, when Askren was asked about his fight purse for the Jake Paul fight and said:

“Honestly, I thought about this. This is kind of utterly impressive. I made more in the Jake Paul fight, just on my base purse nothing else included, than all of my fight purses in Bellator combined. That’s 9 wins.”

Ben Askren has not received the PPV points

Ben Askren revealed his total fight purse in Bellator, which was very small when compared to his fight purse for one boxing fight. Ben Askren even revealed that he has not received the PPV points for the Jake Paul fight. Earlier Jake paul revealed that the PPV sales were 1.5 million and the total revenue generated was $75 million. Askren continued:

“I made 360K total purses in my run in Bellator. Listen, I thought I was making good money at the time. I was happy with it. I wasn’t discouraged. And I knew if I kept winning that would probably lead to bigger things. But, when you think about that, Holy S**t. That’s crazy.”

Ben Askren

Ben Askren vs Jake Paul was certainly a spectacle. However, the PPV numbers do seem suspicious. Triller has inflated engagement numbers in the past, which raises some suspicions about the PPV sales claimed by Jake Paul.

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Nevertheless, Ben Askren has made the biggest payday of his combat sports career in a boxing match. And this is the reason why so many UFC fighters are aiming for a boxing match.