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“I Was So Happy”- Andy Ruiz Jr and Anthony Joshua React to Dillian Whyte Getting Knocked Out

The fight between Alexander Povetkin and Dillian Whyte just reminded the fans about the unpredictability in the heavyweight division. One punch is all it takes to turn the tables around. One punch is all it takes to destroy someone’s momentum and title aspiration.

And that’s what happened to Dillian Whyte. After an impressive fourth round, Whyte got knocked out cold by a perfectly executed uppercut by Alexander Povetkin. Though the outcome of the fight was not surprising the way it played out definitely was.

Dillian Whyte knocked down Alexander Povetkin twice in the fourth round but was unable to secure the finish. Well, Alexander Povetkin did not take long to make Whyte pay for the mistake and secured the next mandatory title shot against the WBC champion, Tyson Fury.

The former heavyweight king, Andy Ruiz reacted to Dillian Whyte getting knocked out with some harsh words. Ruiz and Whyte have been trading verbal jabs at each other for a meaningful period. Whyte criticized Andy Ruiz following his loss to Anthony Joshua. And now the Mexican fighter returns the favor.

“I was so happy that Whyte fuc**g got his ass knocked the f**k out. Because you know that he does not have respect for the fighters. That’s what gets me pissed off.”

Anthony Joshua questions the killer instinct in Dillian Whyte

The former rival of Dillian Whyte, Anthony Joshua also reacted to the fight. The heavyweight king, Anthony Joshua questioned the killer instinct of Whyte against Povetkin. Joshua stated:

“When he had the opportunity to take him out, I wanted to see that maximum violence. That’s why for me, when I smell blood, I go in there to take someone out, but sometimes you can get caught in the exchange. But at the end of the day, if you leave it a round or two later, as we’ve seen there anything can happen. The tactic go out the window. You’ve just got to remember this is a fight, you’ve got to take the man out and move on to the next.”

With this loss, Dillian Whyte lost a massive opportunity to fight for the WBC title against the Gypsy King Tyson Fury. Though he looked good and in shape against Alexander Povetkin a brilliant one-punch KO ruined his momentum.


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