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Canelo Alvarez Reveals Why He Punched Caleb Plant at The Press Conference



Caleb Plant leaves a cut under Caleb Plant's right eye

The first press conference for the upcoming title fight between Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant witnessed a nasty altercation.

The two boxing champions traded punches during a heated media face-off and Caleb Plant suffered a nasty cut as a result of the punch from Canelo Alvarez.

Canelo Alvarez is one step away from unifying the title at super middleweight division. Currently, he holds the WBA, WBO, WBC, and The Ring super middleweight titles.

However, Caleb Plant still holds the IBF super-middleweight title. And both the champions have agreed to put their titles on the line on November 6th at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

Caleb Plant has been calling out Canelo Alvarez on social media for a while now. But, the rivalry took an ugly turn when both the champions got into a heated debate and Alvarez pushed Plant, which erupted a brawl.

Caleb Plant punched but missed. However, Alvarez caught him with a punch, which resulted in a nasty cut below the eye of Caleb Plant. Following the brawl, doctors did check on Caleb’s cut.

So far it does not seem that this will have any impact on the upcoming fight. But, fans were certainly concerned about Caleb Plant pulling out of the fight following the injury suffered during the brawl.

Later, Canelo Alvarez issued a statement about the brawl and warned Caleb Plant. He revealed the reason why he lost his cool during the press conference and said: “Don’t talk about my mom”.

Canelo Alvarez receives Backlashes for the brawl with Caleb Plant

Canelo Alvarez was criticized by many Boxing fans and fighters for his actions during the face off. One of the greatest female boxers of all time, Claressa Shields reacted to Alvarez-Plant fight and it seemed she did not support Alvarez’s actions.

“It all depends on who do what on how y’all respond. If Caleb would have pushed Canelo first you’d all be screaming “He’s in Caleb head, fine him” but because Canelo pushed Caleb Y’all narrative is he son him and the push is so cool to y’all,”.

Canelo Alvarez

UFC president, Dana White also commented on the incident and criticized Showtime. White stated in an interview with South China Morning Post: “How long have you been in the business that you would let two fighters go up to each other face-to-face without somebody there to try to [keep them from fighting],” he said at the post-fight press conference for Season 5, Week 4 of the Contender Series, which was streamed by the. And then, when it breaks out, there’s like two women that are there before there’s a man anywhere near it.You couldn’t be f*cking dumber than what they did today, risk a massive fight with one of the biggest stars in the sport, by not having the fighters safe.”

What do you think about the incident involving Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant? Who was in the wrong?