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Dana White Teases Exciting News For Boxing Fans



Dana White

Last year, Dana White sent fight fans into a frenzy after UFC and Mayweather Promotions came to an agreement to do something together in 2020 and going forward. However, nothing could capitalize after the pandemic pushed the entire world in a lockdown resulting in the cancellation/postponement of sporting events around the world. However, the world gained normalcy in some time, with UFC becoming the first sport to return to live TV for people stuck at home due to the lockdown.

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Ahead of the deal, Mayweather would drop multiple hints, all the while calling out Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor for a boxing match inside the ring. Nurmagomedov shared his thoughts on the same in a recent conversation with a Russian outlet. “Most likely the only one. Do I need him … I think you could make some money with him. But I would, so to speak, not want to sell my legacy for millions of dollars. I understand that, according to the rules of boxing, it is very difficult to defeat Mayweather. As such, I have no such interest in this fight. If there is a desire to make money, it will be possible. And there is no point in going against someone else according to the rules of boxing.”

Conor McGregor to return to Boxing?

In a recent conversation with BT Sports, Dana White said that there could be an announcement for the world of boxing in the next couple of weeks. White did not reveal anything else, “Funny enough, since the pandemic, I have been looking at other options too. Probably I have something to announce here soon.”

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Dana White had earlier said that UFC is planning some “fun stuff” with Conor McGregor. However, White also stated that It’s not guaranteed that McGregor’s return would be for a fight inside the octagon. There’s a reason to believe that we could be in for Conor McGregor’s return to the boxing ring.

Dana White

Dana White

Dana White also took a dig at Bob Arum, Top Rank, and the world of boxing. White claimed that boxing hasn’t been able to do what he been able to achieve over the last twenty years.

“The world of boxing hasn’t been able to do what I have been able to do over the last twenty years. You know, when they can’t do things when the world is normal, you can’t expect them to do things when the world is crazy.”