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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Punch Stats: How Many Punches Did Logan Paul Land on Mayweather in 8 Rounds?



Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

The greatest boxer of this generation, Floyd Mayweather stepped into the ring to take on Logan Paul in an exhibition match. The fight was certainly entertaining but the result might have disappointed many boxing fans.

Leading up to the fight, the majority of the fans believed that Floyd Mayweather would outclass Logan Paul and finish the fight in the later rounds after Logan is exhausted and has nothing left to offer offensively. Though Mayweather did outbox Logan Paul and make him miss a lot of times he could not finish the fight in 8 rounds.

Nevertheless, it was an exhibition fight, to begin with, and that’s how it played out. However, Logan Paul’s punching stats was nothing less of a disaster.

The final punching stats for Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul is as follows:

Floyd Mayweather:

Jabs Landed: 7/14 (50% accuracy)
Power punches: 36/93(39% accuracy)
Total: 43/107 (40% accuracy)

Logan Paul:

Jabs Landed: 7/73 (10% accuracy)
Power punches: 21/144(15% accuracy)
Total: 28/217 (13% accuracy)

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Why Floyd Mayweather was not able to finish Logan Paul?

Now the stats for Logan Paul is embarrassing for a 8 round boxing fight. He landed only 28 punches on Mayweather and missed over 80% of his punches. But, he was up against Floyd Mayweather who has done the same thing to the boxing legends such as Manny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez. Mayweather is the hardest boxer to land a punch on cause his defense is one of the best in boxing history.

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The stock of Logan Paul will certainly rise after this fight as he can claim that he went to the distance with the greatest boxer of this generation in his second fight. However, for Mayweather, it’s not a good look and that’s why he explained that he is not 21 years old anymore and can not train for a fight as he used to.

Both Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul earned huge fight purses for this exhibition fight. While Mayweather earned over $105 million Logan Paul bagged a fight purse of $20 million.




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