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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Stats: Size, Height and Weight Difference Between the Two Rivals



Floyd Mayweather

We are hours away from one of the biggest fights of the year as Floyd Mayweather(50-0) gets into the boxing ring to take on YouTube sensation, Logan Paul(0-1).

The greatest boxer of this generation matched up against a YouTuber turned pro boxer is an extremely unusual matchup. But, after his retirement from boxing Mayweather has been keeping his fans entertained with these sort of exhibition matches.

Floyd Mayweather took on Conor McGregor in a pro boxing fight in 2017, Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition fight and now he takes Logan Paul in another exhibition boxing match. But, Logan Paul is different from Mayweather’s past opponents.

Logan Paul will have a huge size advantage over Floyd Mayweather inside the boxing ring. And that has been the narrative for Logan paul pulling off an upset on June 6th.

At the weigh-in, Logan Paul weighed in at 189.5 lbs and Floyd Mayweather came in at 155 lbs. This is the heaviest Mayweather has ever been leading up to any fight. He weighed in at 149.5 lbs for his fight against Conor McGregor and even lighter for his last exhibition fight.

Logan Paul will enjoy a 34.5lbs weight advantage over Floyd Mayweather. When it comes to height, Logan Paul (74 inches) is about 6 inches taller than Mayweather(61.8 inches).

Floyd Mayweather has a reach of 72 inches while Logan Paul has a reach of 76 inches. These stats clearly show that on paper Logan Paul is a bad matchup for Floyd Mayweather. However, does Logan has the skillset to even land a combo on Mayweather is what intrigues the fans.

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Will the size difference matter in Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul?

Being the heavier guy, Logan Paul will have a power advantage over Mayweather. He will also be the stronger guy and can inflict some damage in clinch positions. However, he will also fatigue much faster than Mayweather.

In his last two fights against KSI, Logan Paul’s output dropped significantly in the later rounds. And he was fighting KSI, who is another YouTuber turned pro boxer, and not the greatest boxer in Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather can make Logan Paul miss for the first couple of rounds and got the explosiveness and cardio out of Logan Paul. And then it will be a completely one-sided affair until the referee stops the fight.

The only way Logan Paul can win this fight is by a haymaker KO punch. It’s very unlikely that he is going to throw something that Floyd has not seen before. But it’s very likely that Floyd will see every punch thrown by Logan and he will get out of harm’s way.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

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Logan Paul can use his reach and fight behind his jab for the early part of the fight. But, eventually, it will come to whether Logan Paul can land set up a KO punch and follow up after hurting Mayweather.

Going into this fight, Floyd Mayweather should be the clear favorite despite the size disadvantage. Mayweather has fought an opponent as tall as Logan Paul in Tony Pep and he was able to outclass him as well. However, Mayweather is now44 years old, he has been inactive for 4 years and that does create doubt among his fans.