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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Weigh In: 35 Lbs Weight Difference, Mayweather Comes in at His Heaviest Weight



Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul weighed in ahead of their monumental exhibition fight on June 6th. The biggest narrative going into this fight has been the size difference between the two fighters.

The weight limit for Logan Paul was 190 lbs while it was 160 lbs for Floyd Mayweather. However, Mayweather came at only 155 lbs against Logan Paul who weighed in at 189.5 lbs. Fans have a different opinion about whether this weight difference would have an impact on the outcome of the fight. But this was the most unusual weigh-in in the long accomplished career of Floyd Mayweather.

It is to be noted that this is the heaviest Floyd has ever been leading up to a boxing fight. He came in at 149.5 lbs for the fight against UFC star Conor McGregor. Though Mayweather came in over 6 lbs heavier than the Conor McGregor fight he looked in phenomenal shape.

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On the other hand, Logan Paul’s physique was stunning. He clearly has the age, size, and maybe power advantage on his side. But, his comments on the Floyd fight were not too encouraging for the fans.

Will the weight difference affect the outcome of Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather?

Logan Paul stated that the pressure is on Floyd Mayweather as he will be putting all his career achievements on the line for this fight, which is true. But, Logan said that he is just looking to have fun on June 6th. Even leading up to the fight Logan once said that even if he loses to Mayweather then Mayweather will not get much credit to beat just a YouTuber.

Now, this statement seems completely contradicting to his coach who has claimed that Logan has a better jab than Larry Holmes and Floyd will quit in the 6th round, something the fans are not used to see after 50 pro fights against world-class boxers.

Logan Paul’s weight and power will be a factor in the fight. Now the game plan of Logan Paul depends on him landing his punches on Floyd Mayweather early on and setting him up for a KO blow. He has even predicted that it will be a left hook that will cause Floyd’s demise. However, for that, he will have to land a punch of Floyd first.

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Mayweather has been a master at making his opponents miss, gas out, and then dominate them in the later rounds. The more realistic prediction for this fight will be Floyd taking his time in the early rounds to get the timing of Logan Paul and then stoping the fight via TKO in the later rounds.

However, despite all the achievements and skillset of Floyd Mayweather, it’s still a fight where two fighters will trade punches. So there is a possibility that Logan will land the luckiest punch of his career and knock Floyd out. But, the chances of that taking place are indeed very slim.