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“I Can Beat Him”- KSI Says He is Not Terrified to Fight Jake Paul, Criticises Tyron Woodley Following His Loss



KSI vs Jake Paul

It’s needless to say that Jake Paul is certainly one of the biggest names in the world of boxing following his split decision win over Tyron Woodley.

Though many fans don’t consider him a boxer since he has not fought a real boxer yet Jake Paul deserves a lot of credit for beating a former UFC champion on his 4th pro boxing fight.

Jake Paul proved a lot of critics wrong and showcased his durability, heart and conditioning in his fight against Woodley. It must be considered that it was the first time Jake ever fought 8 rounds in his career in front of a sold out arena.

Though many fans were impressed with Jake’s performance against Woodley one of the biggest rivals of Jake Paul, KSI did not find Jake’s performance terrifying.

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Though KSI acknowledged the recent achievements of Jake Paul in the world of boxing he believes he will come out victorious if a fight with The Problem Child ever takes place. KSI reacted to Jake’s win over Woodley and stated:

“Obviously I saw Jake fight Woodley and it didn’t terrify me. I beat Logan Paul, the older brother. So why would I struggle against the younger brother. “

“Obviously he has been knocking out people left right and centre. But I know I can beat the people he has been knocking out. I can knock out the people he has been knocking out as well.”

KSI is confident he can beat Jake Paul

There were moments in the fight when Woodley had Jake hurt and he could have had a lot of success had he gone for the finish. However, Tyron Woodley was not active enough through out the fight and only looked for the opportunities to land his big shots. 

On the other had, Jake Paul played it smart and out scored Woodley in the majority of the rounds. 

KSI opens up on the underwhelming performance from Woodley against Jake and stated: “Tyron Woodley just wasn’t active. Tyron Woodley didn’t do anything. He didn’t capitalise when he hit him with big right hand. He only kind of stayed there, he kind of followed him around the ring. He did not cut him off. There is so much Woodley did not do. And he kind of let Jake Paul off. He got split decision, whatever. There’s definitely holes in Jake’s whole demeanour and everything. And I have always known I can beat him.”

What do you think about the matchup between KSI and Jake Paul? Can KSI beat another Paul brother and become the king of the YouTube Boxing scene.