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“I Know the Art of War”- Mike Tyson Shares his Training Mantra Ahead of Boxing Return

Ahead of his hugely anticipated boxing return, Mike Tyson shared his thoughts on the reason why he is returning to the ring. On a historic night, Mike Tyson will take on former Champion Roy Jones Jr. There has been a lot of excitement behind this fight, with both the fighters dropping intense training videos despite the age and prime. Tyson has looked solid and has shown great power in his hands, reminding boxing fans of a much younger and lethal Mike Tyson. Once a force inside the ring, the one-punch power from Mike Tyson could be seen from his recent training video which was leaked on the social media platform, where Tyson almost knocked out his training partner.

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The upcoming showdown between both the heavyweight greats is going to be an exhibition bout, where both the boxers are expected to showcase or exhibit their skills inside the boxing ring. However, from what we have heard from both the boxers, it looks like both the boxers will be going on a way come November 28.

Mike Tyson reveals why he is returning to the boxing ring

Earlier, Roy Jones Jr. had stated that he feels he might have made a mistake going into the boxing ring against the most lethal puncher the world of boxing has ever known in the form of Mike Tyson. Roy Jones Jr. stated.

“He’s still Mike Tyson, he’s still one of the strongest, most explosive people who ever touched a boxing ring. If anything, I made a mistake going in with him. He’s the bigger guy, he’s the explosive guy,” Jones told Sky Sports. Tyson also stated that it would be a real fight, despite the rules and regulations on an exhibition bout.

In a recent post on Instagram, Mike Tyson said, “All my life I’ve been a student of war. Studying the great conquerors from Charlemagne to Achilles. From Alexander the Great to Napoleon. I’ve studied them all. I know the art of fighting and I know the art of war. Now I am working on the art of being humble.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson’s return to the boxing ring has definitely brought back memories for boxing fans. However, one would hope for a safe fight when both the boxing legends meet inside the ring on November 28 at Dignity Health Sports Park, California.




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