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“I Want to Be a World Champion”- Jake Paul Predicts to Fight the P4P Greatest Canelo Alvarez in Next 3 Years



Jake Paul

The former  UFC champion Tryon Woodley will face the YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul on August 29 in his home city of Cleveland, Ohio.

The press conference and face-off for the fight were over on Tuesday. The Problem Child gave a few statements on the same stage.

Paul revealed that he wants to take on boxing’s best fighters in the world, and he feels Woodley can be an important experience in that journey. Pointing out Canelo he said:

I have not been hit in the face so as a professional boxer that’s unheard of. And I just want to add some experience under my belt. Look, I wanna go after Canelo in 3 years”

watch the press conference here:

Jake Paul plans to be the boxing world champion 

Many fighters and boxing legends including Amanda Serrano have said positively about Paul that he is not just playing, he actually wants to become the best. Adding to that, Paul let out his desire to become the world champion one day. He stated:

I want to be a world champion. If I am just fighting guys who can’t hit me, how am I going to get better in the ring under those things and get that experience? So Tyron Woodley is the perfect person to maybe get me to the three rounds first ever.”

And in order to become the champion he needs to fight with them. That is exactly what Jake is doing. Tryon is one of the biggest names in the fight world. If he beats him there he will only go onwards and upwards from there.

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jake paul and tryon woodley

Fight fans were always skeptical of him for choosing easier opponents. Maybe that’s the reason never got hit in his face. But, no one can deny that he is actually working hard for the dreams and goals he has set for himself.

However,  the journey will never be easy from here. Tryon is not like the other guys Paul has fought. Woodley has also made it clear that he is not taking Jake lightly and training as if he is going to fight Canelo.

Well, all these dreams, drama, and goals will have the answers on Aug 29.