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“It Sent Me to Elon Musk”- Oleksandr Usyk Admits Anthony Joshua Hurt Him With His Power Punches During The Fight



Oleksandr Usyk Anthony Joshua

Oleksandr Usyk became the new Heavyweight Champion by defeating Anthony Joshua at Tottenham Hotspur stadium. While talking about the fight, Usyk revealed that AJ’s power was not something that could be taken lightly. The boxer was flawless in the fight and that made it hard for the audience to notice how impressive AJ was actually in the fight. 

Usyk said that those blows were substantial and it can be seen in his face. During the fight, an accurate blow from AJ connected Usyk’s face which caused a lot of bleeding. ” The light blow from his jab broke an eyebrow, which was flooding my tight eye with blood.” the fighter said.

The Cat was honest and didn’t hide the beating he got from AJ during the fight. He gave credit to AJ for the punches and how powerful they were. “I will not hide that there were very sensitive blows to the chin, to the stomach “.

According to Usyk, the blows were so hard that it gave him a lot of a hard time but he was able to recover from them in time. ” It sent me to Elon Musk, but I quickly returned“. Usyk said about the effect of AJ’s punches on him. 

Oleksandr Usyk Anthony Joshua

Oleksandr Usyk now holds all four major belts

The Ukrainian is now the new WBA, WBO, IBO, and IBF heavyweight champion. Usyk kept his winning streak by outpointing AJ  in a 12 round match-up and getting the victory with a unanimous decision.

The champion showed a great amount of confidence during the fight and Joshua seemed to lose the fight before it was over. For Usyk this victory was one of the most significant wins of his career. 

Anthony Joshua vs Oleksander Usyk: PPV Buys, Fight Purse, Attendance,

Anthony Joshua vs Oleksander Usyk: PPV Buys, Fight Purse, Attendance,

There is a high possibility that both the fighters will take on each other again. As per the reports, Usyk has agreed to the rematch with AJ. While the fans will get to see another fighting spectacle, it will be good if the champion will face the version of AJ who is better than the last one.