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Jake Paul Agrees to Fight Tyron Woodley in a rematch but under one condition- “We can run it back”



Tyron Woodley hurts Jake Paul

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley faced off against each other in one of the biggest combat sports events of the year. The two fighters fought in front of a jam-packed Cleveland arena and provided a brilliant show to the audience. Both fighters went full 8 rounds in an action-packed contest and at the end, the Problem Child came out on top of the fight via split decision.

Two judges scored the fight in favor of the Disney star whereas one judge gave the fight to Woodley. Consequently, many fight fans had mixed opinions about the result and expressed their thoughts online. Getting into details of the fight, both the fighters started slowly but Jake was the more active fighter and landed more shots in the first three rounds. 

However, the fourth round was the changing point of the match as Tyron Woodley stunned him with a right hook and had the YouTuber turned pro clenching the ropes. Although to everyone’s surprise, the referee did not award a knockdown to the Chosen One.

Moving forward, in the later rounds of the contest, both fighters landed some good punches with Woodley landing more of the power shots. T-wood landed 41 power punches as compared to Jake’s 35. As a result, even after the winner was announced both the fighters engaged in a back and forth during their post-match interview. 

Jake Paul agrees to a rematch with Tyron Woodley on one condition

Jake Paul gave credit to Tyron Woodley for giving him a tough fight in the post-match interview.  Moreover, he also showered the former welterweight champion with some respect for landing some good shots during the fight. Thus it looked like all the trash talk would come to an end after the Problem Child’s post-match interview with Ariel Helwani. 

Jake Paul

But Tyron Woodley was not happy with the decision of the judges and demanded an immediate rematch to Jake Paul.  I feel like I won the fight,” Woodley said. “Jake was a great opponent. F**k the [Tommy] Fury fight, me and Jake can run it back.” Woodley’s comments riled up the Disney star and subsequently, he agreed to a rematch with the former UFC champion on one condition.

Put f***ing Jake Paul on your leg [with a tattoo] and then we can run it back. ” Woodley agreed to this condition and Jake Paul then shook hands with him. Therefore it seems that we have a rematch on our hands in the near future. Comment below if you think Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley should enter into a rematch.