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Jake Paul Apologizes to Tyron Woodley and His Team After the Win- “There Was a Lot of S**T Talk”



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Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley faced off against each other in one of the biggest boxing fight events of the year. Both the fighters talked trash and had several altercations during the build-up of the fight which grabbed the attention of millions of fans around the globe. As a result, fans were excited to see how this fight would unfold.

Initially both the fighters started slowly. However, the pace and intensity of the fight increased as the rounds progressed. As a result, in the fourth round of the fight, Woodley had the entire arena shook when he stunned Jake with a right hook and almost scored a knockdown in the process. In the second half of the fight, both fighters traded shots with the Chosen One landing more power shots whereas the Problem Child landed more punches in general. 

After the fight ended with 8 rounds of absolute carnage, the judges scored the fight 77-75, 75-77 and 78-74 in favour of Jake Paul. As a result, with this split-decision win, the Youtuber turned boxer is 4-0 in his professional boxing career. 

Jake Paul reveals that he has nothing but respect for Tyron Woodley in his post-fight interview

A few days back Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley’s team engaged in a heated brawl after the press conference of the event. Later in an interview the Problem Child had commented that he would not apologize for any of his actions to Tyron Woodley. However, things changed after a hard fought battle against Woodley. 

Jake Paul

The Youtuber turned pro boxer praised the Chosen One’s performance and also offered an apology for all the trash talk and altercations that took place during the build-up of the fight. While speaking to Ariel Helwani, Jake said that “I had nothing but respect for him. There was a lot of shit talk, back and forth. My apologies to his team if anyone felt disrespected. It’s no hard feelings man.”

From taking a look at Jake’s comments it seems like the Problem Child has newfound respect for the former welterweight champion. In the end, it is needless to say, that both the fighters gave fans a great show in the main event.