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Jake Paul Confirms He Is Dating Julia Rose Again, The Couple Opens Up on Big Future Plans



Jake Paul and Julia Rose

One of the most talked-about boxers in the world of combat sports, Jake Pual is now back together with his ex-girlfriend Julia Rose. After the press conference for his next fight with Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul and Julia Rose announced that they are dating again after an unfortunate hiccup last year.

It should be noted that Julia Rose broke up with Jake Paul a few months ago. Following the breakup, Jake Paul confessed that he was miserable with his girlfriend on an episode of Logan Paul’s vlog. Jake Paul stated:

“I’m hungover, depressed, and heartbroken because my girlfriend dumped me because I’m a f–king idiot, Julia if you’re watching this, please take me back.” He also said: “Guys if you’re in a relationship, don’t take what you have for granted.”

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Jake Paul has a huge task ahead of him in Tyron Woodley

Well, the couple getting back together would be delightful news for the fans of the Problem Child, to say the least. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Julia Rose clarified that everything is perfect between her and Jake, and she even proposed to Jake.

But, Rose also said that Jake has a more important task ahead of him and she thinks he will have to knock Tyron Woodley first before settling down in his personal life.

Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul

The fight between Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul is a huge one for the Problem Child. Woodley is a 5-time former UFC champion and in his prime, he was widely considered one of the greatest fighters in UFC.

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If Jake Paul gets the victory over Woodley then all the questions on the legitimacy of his boxing career will be answered. Now Tyron Woodley is not a professional boxer but he is certainly a tough challenge for a pro boxer who is only 4 fights into his career.

Despite the criticism Jake Paul gets from the combat sports world it would be hard to deny that he is making a huge impact with his boxing. And with a win over Woodley, Jake can become one of the biggest names in the world of combat sports.