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“I Want to Fight Winners” – Jake Paul Losing Interest in Fighting Conor McGregor After Row of Recent Losses



Conor McGregor vs Jake Paul

Jake Paul is set to face his toughest challenge when he takes on Tyron Woodley in a boxing match on August 29 in Cleveland. Ahead of his much-anticipated fight, the Problem Child speaks about Conor McGregor in an interview with MMA Junkie

The Youtuber turned boxer has called out the Notorious on his social media handles and in different interviews on several occasions in the last couple of years. However, while talking to MMA Junkie, the Youtuber made some scrutinizing comments about facing the Irishman.

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Yeah like I think it will be still dope right. He is the biggest name in the business but he is a loser. I want to fight winners. I wanna fight and increase the level of my opponents. You know if he keeps on losing and I keep on winning it might not make sense anymore.”

However, The Problem Child’s comments come as a big surprise because he has not proved himself completely yet. Furthermore, Jake Paul himself is facing someone who is coming off four back-to-back losses. 

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Jake Paul believes that he has a lot more at stake as compared to Conor McGregor if they face in the future

Jake Paul has made a significant claim while speaking to MMA Junkie. The Youtuber believes that he has more to lose if he faces Conor McGregor in a boxing match down the line. 

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Jake Paul

The Problem Child explains how a loss will affect his legacy in this interview. “I think the risk is always bigger on my side right. If this narrative plays out and Jake Paul keeps on winning. This will be the greatest combat sports story in history of ever. So that’s the risk for me in losing that.”

He also added that a fight against McGregor will create a great amount of noise all around the world. “Quite literally it will be the most talked about things in the generation and the impact I have made in the three fights is unparalleled. So imagine what I can do in ten fights. So the risk of loss diminishes all that. You know I’m one of the highest-paid athletes for my age out of all sports. So you know a loss puts a stint in that as well. So we both have a lot to risk and that’s what makes this fight amazing.”

In the end, Jake Paul has a long way to go in his boxing career and it is true that a loss will result in an end to his hype train. Therefore he has to work hard and prove the world every time he steps into the boxing ring. As for now, his current focus should be to train for his next fight against Tyron Woodley.

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