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Jake Paul Reveals Whether He Will Fight Tyron Woodley in a MMA Fight in the Rematch- “I’m Not a MMA Fighter”



Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul takes on the former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley in his fourth professional boxing match. This is undoubtedly the biggest test for Jake Paul so far even if he is the favorite going into the fight.

Now Jake Paul is confident that he will get his hands raised on August 29 and beat a former UFC champion. However, Tyron Woodley can definitely hand Jake the first loss of his career.

Tyron Woodley has the experience in his side even if it’s not in the field of boxing. And he has vicious knock-out power that can put the Problem Child in danger. 

Jake Paul and his team are aware of the threats that Tyron Woodley brings to the table. And that is why there is a rematch clause going into the fight on Showtime PPV. If Jake Paul loses the fight to Woodley then he can exercise an immediate rematch clause. 

In the recent face-to-face when Paul was asked whether he would fight Woodley under MMA rules for the rematch, The Problem Child made it clear that he does not want to compete in MMA.

“Nope, I am not an MMA fighter. Are you a boxer?(Asks Woodley) 100%(Jake replied)”.

Tyron Woodley does not want to fight Jake Paul in a MMA fight

Even Tyron Woodley said that he does not want to fight Jake in a MMA match and believes Jake might not want a rematch once he loses the first fight in a brutal fashion. Woodley stated:

“When things go well for me I will do it again in boxing. I don’t want to even fight him in MMA. It’s fun. I don’t think he is gonna want a rematch. I think he is gonna feel punches coming, angles he has never felt before. I think he is gonna feel pain. The next morning he is gonna reconsider all this bulls**t.”

Jake Paul

The Problem Child has been calling out a lot of UFC fighters consistently for quite a while now. He has called out Conor McGregor, Kamaru Usman, Nate Diaz, and the list goes on.

So the MMA fans have been calling out Jake Paul to test his skillsets in the octagon. But, from the recent comments of Jake Paul, it is clear now that we will never see The Problem Child in a MMA ring.