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Diamonds, Rolex Watches and More: All You Need to Know About Jake Paul’s 500k Most Valuable Boxer Belt



In a span of a few days, Jake Paul will step inside the ring to square off against his old rival Tyron Woodley in a much-anticipated rematch. This Showtime main event will be an eleven round bout that will take place in Tampa, Florida. 

So far Jake has taken the world by storm, be it with his boxing skills or be it with his fashion statements. Consequently, ahead of this big rematch, The Problem Child has stepped in the press conference with his own custom made championship belt.

The 24-year-old displayed this belt in the press conference of the Paul vs Woodley 2 Showtime event. He revealed the entire design and spoke about the price tag of the belt during the interview. 

“My “Most Valuable Boxer” belt designed and painted by Alec Monopoly is my $500k Christmas present. It’s hand-painted by one of the greatest artists of our generation and features a Hermes Birkin bag sewed into the side as well as a diamond Cartier and Rolex watch. 2 days.” 

The YouTuber turned boxer spent big bucks for his beautiful custom made belt. However, his belt was not the only thing that stood out in this press conference as his outfit created a lot of buzz around social media.

Jake Paul reveals the reason behind wearing a Ski mask for the press conference

Apart from showing off his $500k custom made MVP championship belt, Jake Paul wore a completely black outfit along with an unusual black ski mask for the press conference. It is needless to say that this was one of the most extraordinary choices of the outfit by any fighter for a press event.

Jake Paul

During the press conference, The Problem Child gave his reason for wearing such a bizarre ski mask. According to Jake, this fight is a bank robbery and this was the main reason why he showed up with a ski mask. 

Speaking about his rescheduled matchup with Woodley. Jake said that “You’ve got to go in there and get the job done. And then they say you’ve got Tyron Woodley now. No problem. That’s why I got the ski mask on. They are going to give me a big bag to a guy I already beat. This is a bank robbery.”

Therefore after seeing Jake wear a ski mask for a press conference, it would be fascinating to see The Problem Child’s walkout outfit for the rematch against Tyron Woodley. So comment below your thoughts about Jake Paul’s custom made belt and black ski outfit for today’s press conference.