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Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury is OFFICIAL! Jake Paul to Give $500k If He Loses



Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul brawl

Though Jake Paul is a polarizing figure in the world of boxing he certainly makes the sports interesting. In a short period of time, Jake Paul has been a part of some big boxing events including his Showtime debut against the former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley.

Many fans are frustrated with the fact that he is not fighting any real boxers and calling out retired MMA fighters and NBA players. But, that ends now. Jake Paul is going to take on Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy Fury in his fifth pro boxing fight.

Recently, the WBC heavyweight champion and arguably the best boxer of this generation, Tyson Fury made a huge claim. He said that if Tommy Fury can’t beat Jake then he will change his last name.

Responding to Fury, Jake Paul made a contract, which said if Tommy Fury loses to him in his next fight then he will change his name to Tommy Fumbles for a year. And if he wins the fight then Jake will give him $500k from his fight purse as a bonus.

Well, it seems Tommy Fury has got the deal that he wanted. On social media, The Problem Child recently announced that Tommy Fury has accepted the fight.

Now the date and venue for this fight are yet to be decided but it’s very likely that this fight will take on in the United States.

Can Tommy Fury beat Jake Paul?

Tommy Fury has fought pro boxers, unlike Jake Paul. However, he has taken on boxers with very little experience or with bizarre records. If we compare the resume of Jake Paul and Tommy Fury then Jake’s record certainly looks more impressive with multiple KO wins.

On the other hand, Fury has 4 KOs out of his 7 boxing fights. Many fans would have bet on Fury to beat Jake Paul before the Woodley fight. However, the outcome of the Paul vs Woodley will certainly change the fans’ notion about Paul’s boxing ability.

Now he is not the most technical boxer in the world right now. But, he might be enough to beat Tommy Fury who struggled to finish Anthony Taylor, a former MMA fighter, in his last fight.

Jake has legit knock-out power, good chin, and a never-give-up attitude that will be a problem for Fury. but, it’s hard to count out Fury who is going to train with great minds such as John Fury and Tyson Fury. The presence of Tyson Fury in Tommy’s corner will have a huge impact on the outcome of this fight.

But, The Problem Child should be the favorite to win the fight against Tommy Fury.