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Logan Paul Career Losses: Who Has Beaten the Maverick in Boxing?



Logan Paul vs KSI

Logan Paul is going to fight Floyd Mayweather on the 6th of June. The event is scheduled at Hard Rock Stadium Miami. Before Logan’s match let’s try and analyze his only match where he lost as a pro boxer to KSI. 

The match was fought between the YouTubers back in September 2019. KSI won against Logan Paul via split decision in their highly anticipated rematch after their exhibition match was a draw.   

Both fighters started with jabs, demonstrating they know the basics of boxing. By the second round, KSI started pounding lower shots, and finally, he dropped Logan Paul with a nasty overhand right. But, the referee did not call it a knockdown as he believed Logan Paul slipped. However, in the reply, it was clear that it was the punch from KSI that brought down Logan Paul to his knees.

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Logan Paul faced a penalty for hitting KSI illegally

Certainly, after the controversial incident, KSI looked slow and fatigued in the 4th round.  That’s when Paul landed a big uppercut and KSI tasted the canvas. But, again there was a twist. Logan punched KSI behind his neck while he was going down and the referee decided to cut 2 points as a penalty from Logan’s chart and allowed KSI a minute to get back into the fight. The referee even warned Paul by saying ” you can’t do that shit”.

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It was a competitive bout between Logan and KSI. But, KSI clearly got the upper hand and was the busier man between the two. Logan hesitates a lot while in the ring and it is clear from his last two boxing fights against KSI.

The 6th round was full of intensity, JJ was desperately trying to knock Logan out and so was the “ Maverick”. However, the fight did not end in a finish as both were able to survive six rounds.

One judge marked 56-55 in favor of Logan, however, the other two judges marked in favor of JJ Jide(157-54, 56-55). Paul was upset with the decision after the fight, he even asked for a trilogy bout. However, KSI went on a different path. 

But, Logan Paul vs KSI trilogy might be a possibility after Logan fights Floyd Mayweather. If Logan even does a commendable job against the greatest boxer of this generation then his stock will rise significantly in the world of combat sports. And then it’s going to be a no-brainer for KSI to accept a fight with Logan Paul and allow him to avenge his only loss in boxing so far.


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