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“My Daughter Can Put These Guys Out”- Vitor Belfort Ridicules Tyron Woodley’s Boxing Skills Ahead of the Jake Paul Fight



Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul

After the powerful knockout victory against Ben Askren in April, Jake Paul will now face his toughest challenge in Tyron Woodley. The former Welterweight Champion is a dangerous opponent who has knocked out many fighters in the past. However, there are many fighters that believe that Tyron Woodley is not that tough of a challenge to Jake Paul because of his last four defeats in the UFC.

Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort has ripped apart Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren in an interview with MMA fighting. He commented that “I don’t have anything against them, They go make their money but they’re not boxers. I can go fight Tyron Woodley with one hand and beat him up. Askren? It’s not even a question. That guy’s a wrestler — a great wrestler but my kid can beat him up. My daughter Victoria can put these guys out. Because they don’t know how to box. My kids have boxed since they were kids.”

“I just think they are the worst representation of MMA. These guys that you just mentioned, I can fight all of them in one night. I’ll put them out. They cannot even survive two rounds with me, these MMA athletes that are representing us in boxing.”

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Vitor Belfort believes that Logan Paul and Jake Paul are ducking  from a fight against him

Vitor Belfort criticizes Jake Paul

Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort has always expressed his desire to compete in boxing after he became a free agent. He was supposed to fight in the Triller event that was scheduled for June 19 but the event is now postponed to August 14 because of Teofimo Lopez’s positive covid result.

Vitor Belfort has expressed his thoughts about Jake Paul and Logan Paul in a conversation with MMA fighting. He mentioned that “A lot of guys avoid me, especially these YouTuber brothers Logan and Jake Paul, they’ve been avoiding me for years and they’re looking for easy fights, easy money,” Belfort said. “They’re lucky cause I’ll rip their head off. 

I’m telling you, you put these two brothers with me, I will fight both guys in the same night,” Belfort said. “You come, you get tired, comes the other brother next round, I’ll beat the crap out of these two brothers like that. Like that. They know that. They don’t want to do it. They’re afraid. The Triller guys said, when we brought your name up, they are shaken up oh no not him!’ and they’re choosing these guys, the wrestlers.”

In the end, a boxing match between Logan Paul and Vitor Belfort or Jake vs Vitor Belfort is very farfetched because of Belfort’s age and there won’t be a lot of people who will be eager to watch this fight. As a result, both the Paul brothers won’t be interested in fighting Vitor Belfort.

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