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“Next Time You Are Gonna Be in a Neck Brace”- Floyd Mayweather Threatens to Hurt Jake Paul



Floyd Mayweather Angry

The press conference for the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight took a violent turn when Jake Paul decided to insult Mayweather. After Jake Paul took Mayweather’s hat off his head he found himself surrounded by Mayweather and his bodyguards. The whole “Gotcha Hat” incident went viral and the fight got the attention of the fans. In a way, Jake Paul helped a lot in the promotion of the exhibition fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul.

However, Mayweather is still pissed at Jake Paul for his immature behavior at the press conference. In the recent promo for the Mayweather vs Logan Paul, the former world champion opened up about the whole Jake Paul situation. Mayweather stated:

“This press conference had nothing to do with Jake Paul. Why are you even at this press conference? I ain’t nothing to play with. I am not for the jokes. Totally disrespectful. That’s why you ended up with two black eyes. and your nose got f****D up and your teeth got chipped. Next time you are gonna be in a neck brace. Keep f****g with me.”

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Jake Paul claims Floyd Mayweather does not punch hard

Now the brawl between Mayweather and Jake might not have been staged. But Jake Paul was there at the press conference to create chaos. Logan Paul explained the brawl from his perspective and stated that Floyd’s bodyguards stopped him from getting involved in the brawl. Logan stated:

“I thought it was a joke. I come off stage. Floyd and I had some personal back and forths. I said I wanna hurt him. Jake said I wanna take his hat. And he did and Floyd did not get a haircut that day. Jake took his hat. I saw some s**t going down. Immediately I knew it was the fault of my brother. So I went in there and tried to save his a**. But shout out to Floyd’s security team for keeping me away from jake. They are big and there are a lot of them.”

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“It was a uppercut. You hear a smack. His bodyguards were holding me back and he threw an uppercut. To be honest I told my brother that the guy doesn’t hit hard. And then I got asked in one interview whether we were planning to pursue legal action. Cause you know it’s an assault.”

Maybe the brawl was not necessary. But, that certainly generated interest among the fans to watch Mayweather fight a YouTuber in an exhibition fight.

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