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“That’s Just a Recipe for Disaster”- Mike Tyson Makes a Bold Prediction for Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua



Anthony Joshua vs Mike Tyson

The heavyweight division in boxing has not been this exciting for over a decade. With Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz in the mix, the heavyweight division looks stacked. Though some might not find it intriguing Mike Tyson is excited about the potential matchups in the heavyweight division.

Mike Tyson recently opened up about two of the biggest names in boxing right now, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. He also predicted how the fight between the two champions would play out.

Mike Tyson believes that Tyson Fury will have a big edge against Anthony Joshua. He also claimed that Fury is a messiah for the boxing fans while Joshua is very famous only in England. Tyson stated:

“Tyson Fury is the fans’ fighter. The fans are in love with him, he has the momentum now. In England, Anthony Joshua is a big thing. But Fury, he’s got the people now. That’s the truth. They’re following him like he’s the messiah.”

Mike Tyson

Anthony Joshua is a superior boxer than Deontay Wilder when it comes to skillsets. But, opponents like Fury and Ruiz, who are too fast and skilled would always be a problem for Joshua. Fury will have a huge reach advantage against Joshua, something Andy Ruiz did not have over Joshua. 

Besides that, Fury’s speed and power combined can be a nightmare for Joshua in the ring. Mike Tyson gave his prediction for the fight and stated:

“Joshua’s a masterful puncher, but you can see his punches coming. He telegraphs his punches and that’s just a recipe for disaster if you’re fighting Tyson Fury. Telegraphing your punches for a guy who’s 6ft 7ins? Come on.”

Mike Tyson fires back at critics

In the end, Mike Tyson lashes at the critics of the heavyweight division by saying:

“I feel like it may be the first time in a long time that, I don’t think it can ever be like the real good old days – but competitive-wise at the moment there’s some great fighters in the division. I think there’s a lot of great fighters in the heavyweight division. Anybody who says it’s a bad division is jealous, this is an exciting division. I’d like to see these guys fight each other over and over again. They’re exciting fighters.”

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder

The boxing world is buzzing right now for a showdown between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Both the boxing legends are making their in-ring return for an exhibition fight.