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Jake Paul is The Future of This Sport- Logan Paul Makes a Bold Statement About His Brother Ahead of the Biggest Fight of His Career



Jake Paul and Logan Paul

Jake Paul takes on the toughest test of his career to this date in Tyron Woodley on his first Showtime PPV. This is a huge step up for The Problem Child in terms of opponents as Tyron Woodley is one of the most accomplished UFC welterweight champions of all time.

Though Woodley is coming off a 4 fight losing streak and making his pro boxing debut he is still dangerous and can finish the fight at any time. So it is a high-risk high-reward matchup for Jake Paul.

The majority of the MMA community believe that Woodley will come out victorious against Jake Paul on August 29th. However, Logan Paul seems confident in his brother’s skillset as he strongly believes Jake Paul will prove all the critics wrong with a win over Tyron Woodley. In a recent Instagram post, The Maverick sent a heartwarming message to his little brother before the biggest fight of his life and said:

“love you, little bro. your dedication is unmatched, you have all the momentum, and you’re the future of this sport.

no one will doubt you after tonight, Jake Paul, thank you for bringing it back home to Cleveland and making me the world’s proudest older brother.

Jake Paul is now a huge star in the world of boxing

Though Jake has a lot of haters in the world of combat sports his impact in the sports of boxing can not be denied. With only 4 fights into his pro boxing career Jake Paul putting up spectacles every time he is stepping into the ring.

And if he wins against Tyron Woodley then his star power is going to skyrocket among the combat sports fans. 

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Paul vs Woodley has the potential to be the biggest boxing PPV of this year. So far Floyd Mayweather has sold over 1 million PPVs for his exhibition fight against Logan Paul. And the pre PPV buys for Paul vs Woodley is very close to the numbers of Mayweather vs Paul. So fans can expect huge things from The Problem Child if he gets past the former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley.