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Tyson Fury Reveals His Gameplan to Violently Knockout Deontay Wilder- “He Does Not Go Past Round 7”-



Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder at the press conference

Tyson Fury faced off against Deontay Wilder ahead of their much-anticipated trilogy fight on July 24 in Las Vegas. If Tyson Fury manages to defeat Wilder then this will be the end of this massive rivalry.

The pre-fight press conference and the staredown were very unusual as The Bronze Bomber didn’t answer any questions and didn’t say anything to Fury during their staredown. As a result, the pre-fight press conference was pretty much taken over by ‘The Gypsy King.’

Both Tyson Fury and his promoter Bob Arum have predicted that this fight will end in a knockout victory for ‘The Gypsy King’. Fury went one step further and also revealed his plan. “I will tell you how I see it. I gave my game plan away the first time because he wasn’t good enough to do anything about it. And I will do the same thing this time because he is not good enough to do anything about it.”

“Deontay Wilder is a one-trick pony. He has got one-punch power. We all know that. Great. But what I am going to do to Deontay Wilder this time is I am gonna run him over as if I’m an 18-wheeler and he is a human being. And I guarantee you he does not go past what he did before. Because before I had 5-6 weeks of practicing of what I was gonna do to him. This time I would have 18 months of practicing what I am gonna do to him. I anticipated it is gonna be like a 18 wheeler running over somebody.”

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How will Tyson Fury execute his game plan and knockout Deontay Wilder?

Tyson Fury had dominated against Deontay Wilder in their previous encounter and will also look to repeat the same this time. In addition to that, The Gypsy King has even made a bolder claim that he will be looking for a big knockout in this trilogy.

Fury is looking to add more power to his arsenal this time as he is aiming to weigh somewhere around 300 pounds in this heavyweight clash. He believes that he won’t need any speed and movement in this fight.

This move by Fury could also play in the hands of Wilder as he was troubled by Fury’s speed and agility in the last fight. Therefore, Tyson Fury is using the big risk, big reward approach for the trilogy fight against Deontay Wilder. But we will only get to know whether The Gypsy King will fulfill his promise or end up falling short against The Bronze Bomber on July 24.

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