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Tyson Fury Steroid Controversy: Why Was The Gypsy King Banned From the Boxing Ring



Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury was accused of banned substances and reportedly had a failed drug test in 2015. Fury got to the top of the boxing world after beating Wladimir Klitschko. He became the World Heavyweight Champion which he worked all his life. But, in June 2016, after Fury proposed a rematch with Klitschko in Manchester, the UK Anti-doping agency suspended Fury. He tested positive for a banned steroid.

Fury along with his cousin Hughie, a former challenger for the world title, tested positive for a substance called Nandrolone. Reports came out that levels of Nandrolone found in Fury and his cousin’s body is higher than the natural level.

What is Nandrolone? – The metabolite that Tyson Fury got tested for

Nandrolone is a natural hormone that exists in the male body. But the intake of this substance by exterior means can help in increasing an athlete’s muscle size, overall strength, and power. It also helps in speeding the recovery process and increases the ability to train more vigorously. It is on the ban list of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury’s response regarding doping allegations 

Both Fury and his cousin denied all the accusations of deliberately taking banned substances for performance enhancement. The legal fight continued for a year between the Fury defense and UKAD. Finally in 2016, after investigations, it was declared that both the fighters got the substance by eating uncastrated wild boar.

Tyson Fury

The aftermath of the matter

In 2017, both UKAD and the defense of both boxers came into a joint assent. The settlement resulted in a two-year ban for both boxers. The Gypsy King was stripped from his heavyweight title win in 2015. He had to wait for two years before getting into the ring again.

The unsolved allegation against Tyson Fury

Last year, Daily Mail on Sunday again dug into the matter and stated that they had met Martin Carefoot, an elderly farmer from Preston. The farmer confessed to getting an offer of £25,000. Apparently, he had to provide false information to support the claim that the nandrolone levels were high due to the consumption of wild boar. 

Frank Warren, Tyson Fury’s promoter shut down the allegations by saying that Carefoot made contact with him saying the same story, and his main motive is to earn money from the situation.