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VIDEO: Jake Paul Gets into Backstage Brawl With Tommy Fury and His Team After Beating Tyron Woodley



Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul brawl

The much anticipated Showtime boxing PPV featuring Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley is in the books now. And a lot of questions were answered tonight. 

For the first time, the fans saw how would Jake Paul do if the fight goes to the later rounds. The questions around Jake Paul’s cardio were answered. Even Tyron Woodley put up a commendable performance even if he was not able to get the job done.

And the night ended with a question mark. Will the fans see a rematch between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley?

It’s needless to say that Jake has a lot of options ahead of him and a fight against Tyson Fury’s brother, Tommy Fury is certainly one of them.

And after the recent backstage scuffle between Jake Paul’s team and Tommy Fury the chances of that fight happening next increased a lot.

After the fight, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury ran into each other backstage and got into a heated argument. Tommy Fury was screaming at Jake Paul to sign the contract to fight him.

This is an exciting fight for the fans. But after beating Tyron Woodley, it’s very likely that Jake will look for a bigger name than Tommy Fury, who is still very new to the boxing game and does not have a big star power.

Will Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley rematch happen?

There were moments in the fight when Tyron Woodley had Jake Paul hurt and he was very close to finishing the fight. However, he was unable to be the aggressor and paid the price for it.

Though he was moving forward the entire fight he was not throwing a lot of punches. And Jake Paul comfortably won the fight because of his higher output.

Tyron Woodley hurts Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley hurts Jake (Screengrab)

Now Tyron Woodley would love to get the rematch and avenge his loss. However, why would Jake fight Tyron Woodley after beating him in a 8 round main event.

The Problem Child has called out a lot of big names from the MMA community. A lot of UFC stars have even offered to fight the Problem Child. So it’s very likely that Tyron Woodley will not get the rematch against Jake going forward.