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Why Did Tommy Fury Pull Out of the Jake Paul Fight?



Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

As fate would have it, Tyron Woodley will fight Jake Paul once again! Although that was not the plan. After beating Woodley, Paul was supposed to fight Tommy Fury on December 19. But Tommy Fury pulled out of the fight, citing medical reasons. But just when the fans thought the fight card would be cancelled, Jake Paul did not disappoint. 

Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul have both agreed to fight on December 19. This will be a rematch of the first fight that took place on August 29 in Florida. The first fight was full of excitement. The biggest moment of the fight came when the YouTuber got dropped in the 4th round. 

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However, the 23-year old recovered from that hit and comfortably outboxed the 39-year old and won the fight via unanimous decision after 8 rounds. Following the match, Tyron Woodley complained about the scorecards and wanted an immediate rematch.

That did not come to pass as Tommy Fury and Jake Paul got into a rivalry. After Fury’s withdrawal, Woodley will get his chance.

Jake Paul announces Tommy Fury’s exit.

Jake Paul took to Twitter to announce that Tyron Woodley would replace Tommy Fury. According to the reports, Fury stepped down from fighting Paul due to a medical condition. But Jake Paul disagrees. As per him, Fury pulled out of the fight because he could not handle the pressure of fighting him.

In the video, Paul says, “It is official! Tommy Fury is boxing’s biggest bi*ch. He has pulled out of the fight. The Fury(s) have pulled out of the fight due to a medical condition. Who knows what the f**k is going in that camp? I think he has a bad case of bursitis. I couldn’t believe the news at first. “

He fumbled the biggest bag of his life and now he will be watching from home. Paying me $60 instead of getting paid millions of dollars to fight me. I have fought with broken nose, I have fought sick. Get the f**k over! It’s boxing. It’s official. I think the pressure got to him, the sh*t talk got to him. That’s the bad news guys, “ added the boxer.

Then he went on to confirm the news of Tryon Woodley taking the fight. “The good news is, is that Mr Tyron Woodley. We called him up and said ‘Hey, you wanna take this fight?’ he has been training, he goes ‘sure I’ll take the fight. Let’s do the rematch.”

Jake Paul has a reputation for knocking his opponents out. He brutally knocked out Nate Robinson and Ben Askren. But he failed to hurt the former UFC Welterweight champion in their last fight.

On that, he said, “I’m giving him $500,000 extra if he can knock me out. Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2, Leave no doubt. I didn’t knock him out the first time, I’m coming back and getting that crazy W, that crazy highlight-reel knockout. December 18th, the show must go on! I’ll see you guys later.”