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Nate Diaz Says Jake Paul Would Get Smoked In a Real Fight, Shrugs Off His Win Over Ben Askren



Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz banter

Nate Diaz has fired shots at Jake Paul for not taking on any real fighter. Jake Paul has a fight scheduled with the half-brother of Tyson Fury, Tommy Fury. Ahead of his fight, Jake Paul is active on social media sites. Paul replied to Nate Diaz’s claim that he fights only wrestlers.

MMA news site “” posted an article where they covered Ben Askren talking about Jake Paul. Paul defeated Askren back in April via knockout and in a recent podcast, Ben Askren spoke about Jake Paul’s boxing abilities. Askren said the 24-year old YouTuber is “kinda good at boxing”. That did not sit well with Nate Diaz as he berated Ben Askren.

Nate Diaz

credit: MMA Junkie

Nate Diaz’s reply irked Jake Paul as he rushed to his former rival’s aid and pointed towards the record of the Stockton native. However, the 36-year old UFC fighter was ready with a reply of his own. Nate slammed Jake Paul’s past opponents and their credentials.

‘Jake Paul can’t fight a real fighter’- Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz responded to the tweet by “” by bringing up Ben Askren’s wrestling background. Askren was primarily a wrestler throughout his fighting career. That was one of the reasons why Jake Paul chose him as an opponent, as Askren does not have fight finishing power. Nate Diaz cited that and wrote:

It did not take much time for Jake Paul to throw his two cents into the mix. Jake Paul pointed out the number of losses in Nate Diaz’s career. Nate has had 34 fights in his career and he has a record of 21 wins and 13 losses. Diaz last fought against Leon Edwards. Despite the loss, he made a strong account of himself against a wobbling British fighter.


Nate Diaz did not hold back in his response. Jake Paul is currently 4-0. His first 2 fights came against personalities that did not have much of a fighting background. However, Paul changed that when he decided to fight Ben Askren. Despite holding titles at ‘Bellatore’ and ‘One Championship’, Askren was more famous for his spotless ground game.

Jake Paul and Ben Askren

credit: MMA Junkie

Following his knockout of Askren, Jake took on former UFC champion and ‘division 1’ wrestler Tyron Woodley. Woodley almost dropped Paul but could not get the job done as he lost a decision. Woodley is not well known for his boxing skills, but he still managed to hurt Jake Paul. Nate Diaz emphasized that and stated that the YouTuber would be finished if he ever faced a real fighter.

Is Nate fighting Jake Paul next?

Nate Diaz has only one fight left on his contract. Dana White has been open about letting Nate go and exploring his options out there. The Diaz brothers are vocal about the lack of earnings. A fight against Jake Paul would guarantee Diaz one of the biggest paychecks of his career. The back and forth between the two only hints more towards an eventual showdown between the two fighters.