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Bradley Beal Recalls an Officer Threatening him during a Traffic Stop



Bradley Beal

Wizard’s guard Bradley Beal recalled an incident from 2018 where he was threatened by an officer. Then the officer told Bradley Beal that he’ll f**k his day up and arrest him. He was speaking at a Juneteenth day march where he and several of NBA and WNBA player were present.

Bradley Beal said,” I was pulled over at the 495 highway in Washington D.C. and an officer instructed me to get out of the car”. The officer said, ” what if I F**k up your Monday and put you in a headline and arrest you now”. To this, he responded, ” I didn’t do anything. But because I was a black athlete driving a nice vehicle, that’s what he came up with. Now how am I supposed to respond to that?” Subsequently, he felt responding with any comment would bring negative headlines in the press.

Since the killing of George Floyd, Bradley Beal was in conversation with the police to bring change and curb the possibilities of such events. In the light of these events, He tweeted “And actually I’m figuring out ways to hold panels with DMV Police so we can figure out how we can police our neighbourhoods better,”. Accordingly, he wants the police to work with him and help in solving the problem.

The whole world is protesting against racism and athletes have been a strong voice. We have been witnessing several players like Stephen Jackson have been spearheading protests and raising voices against racism. These players have been an inspiration to several people globally to fight for what is right. Now we need to support our players off the court to eradicate racism.

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