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Chants of “Jolie’s Wife” Takeover UFC 264 Press Conference After Conor McGregor Mocks Dustin Poirier



Jolie Poirier and Conor McGregor

The pre-fight press conference for UFC 264 heading  Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor was held today. Conor was absolutely in the trash-talking guy character. He made a lot of demeaning comments against the Diamond at the press con. However,  Dustin seemed to be unaffected by that.

A reporter questioned Dustin if this change in McGregor’s attitude is making the bout personal for Poirier. Diamond answered, ” Nah… straight business“. Just then Conor interrupted him and said.

Your wife is your husband” and called the fans to chant ” Jolie’s wife“. Now, since the press conference was in Vegas, support for Conor was preeminent. Dustin even predicted the same earlier that he is expecting a lot of Conor supporters.

The fans then followed Conor and chanted the same. But, Dustin wasn’t just there to sit back and listen to all of this. So, he gave Conor a befitting reply by saying “You’re trash-talking used to be better than that. ******* weak“. However, the Notorious didn’t stop there and repeated the line like a slogan throughout the whole press conference. 

It is to be mentioned that earlier this week, Conor dragged Poirier’s wife into social media by sharing a screenshot of his message requests on Twitter.

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Will Conor McGregor’s psychological game work this time?

These psychological warfares have always worked for McGregor. Be it with Aldo, Alvarez, or Nate. But, Dustin seems to be unaffected. Though Poirier mentioned during his second fight with Conor that McGregor’s good behavior before the fight made it a little easy for him. But, Poirier says that such matters don’t affect him anymore.

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Conor McGregor

Recently Stephen A  asked Conor about the same in an interview. Mcgregor said that “ there were a lot of freebies given, there was a lot of weight on the scale given…there is nothing free given this time“. Some fans are loving after seeing the old McGregor back while others are criticizing him for his change in attitude since the loss at UFC 257.

Certainly, McGregor’s UFC 257 statement of “good man” for Dustin has changed into ” Jolie’s wife“. Fight fans saw the “good man” beating Conor. But, will “Jolie’s wife” be able to do the same?

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