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Charlotte Flair Has This Unwanted Record After WWE SmackDown Loss to Aliyah

WWE has a very interesting and fun gimmick called the Beat the Clock match. This is a series of singles matches between wrestlers to try who can win in the least amount of time. This SmackDown, we saw another Beat the Clock Challenge between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. In which Charlotte lost. 

Beat the Clock
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Now losing a match will seem fine because who doesn’t lose but Charlotte has made a record of not winning a single Beat the Clock match after this week’s SmackDown.

Charlotte has had 2 Beat the Clock matches before this one and she has not managed to win a single one till now.

Charlotte Flair vs Ruby Riott

Charlotte and Ruby Riott had a time of 1:25 to beat. Flair attempts a massive boost, but Riott deflects it. Returning to the ring, Flair chops the chest. Riott kicks her out of the ring after Flair takes her down. We’ve only got a minute left. Riott kicks her in the chest and pulls her arm from her body.

Flair resurfaces with a backbreaker. Natural Selection is Flair’s choice, but Riott counters. Riott lands a near-falling DDT. We’ve got less than 30 seconds left. Flair suddenly knocks her down and applies Figure Eight, but the time limit has run out. It ended in a no contest.

Charlotte vs Nikki Cross

In 2021, Nikki Cross vs Charlotte happened and it seems Charlotte didn’t have luck in this match as well. Cross fought Charlotte for around two minutes, and by surviving the time limit, she was able to beat her.

Cross had requested the match against Flair, claiming that the winner of Ripley and Flair’s match at WWE Hell in a Cell should face her.

This week’s SmackDown; what really happened between Flair and Rousey?

A match was set between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte, who will beat the clock. Ronda Rousey won her respective match against Shotzi. 

Now Charlotte had a match with Aliyah. This time, the clock was ticking down, and The Queen received a tremendous clothesline before receiving a big slam from Aliyah as the clock ticked down to under a minute.

With less than ten seconds left on the clock, Aliyah got a top rope crossbody before Charlotte Flair locked in the figure-eight leg lock.

Charlotte Flair was unable to beat the clock, and Ronda Rousey defeated Flair in the Beat The Clock Challenge.


Now we can say that Charlotte has made a record no one would want to make that is to not win a single Beat the Clock match in her career. 

What do you think about Charlotte’s record? Do let us know below.

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