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Chris Weidman’s Horrific Leg Injury Against Uriah Hall – What Happened at UFC 261?

Chris Weidman suffered one of the most horrific injuries in the sport of mixed martial arts as he broke his tibia and fibula after a checked leg kick against Uriah Hall in the opening fight of the main card at UFC 261. Weidman looked in incredible shape going into this fight and revealed that he had never put in this kind of effort into a fight in years, citing her preparation against Lyoto Machida several years ago as the last time he felt this prepared.

Chris Weidman breaks his leg

However, in what was an unfortunate night for Chris Weidman and fight fans around the world, Weidman broke his leg in the first shot that he landed on Uriah Hall, the low lek kick. The Notorious Conor McGregor also chimed in and stated that Weidman’s leg injuries over the years must have resulted in his leg snapping the way it did upon impact against Hall’s leg.

Chris Weidman was carried away in a stretcher where he was dealt with in the back and later taken to the hospital for surgery. Weidman’s wife later shared that the surgery was successful and Weidman is feeling better. She also thanked everybody for the support and help at such a tough time for the family.

Weidman suffers the same injury Anderson Silva suffered against him

It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for Chris Weidman who will likely be out for more than a year due to the leg injury. Weidman got back in the winning column just last year after he picked up a comfortable win over Omari Akhmedov.

Weidman leg injury

Weidman was looking to keep his title hopes alive by going past Uriah Hall at UFC 261. However, that wasn’t the case as the All American suffered one of the most gruesome injuries in the sport.

Uriah Hall pointed out the coincidences in the entire situation when he mentioned how Chris Weidman was the first fighter to finish Anderson Silva inside the UFC Octagon, while he was the last. Meanwhile, Weidman was also the first fighter to finish Uriah Hall inside the cage, which Hall credits Weidman for imbibing fear in him.

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It’s weird how Anderson Silva suffered the same injury against Chris Weidman, and now the All American suffered the same injury year later. There have only been three such incidents inside the UFC Octagon, and Chris Weidman has been part of two of them.

Chris Weidman lucky to not break his knee and shatter his bones

Chris Weidman was extremely lucky to not have broken his knee or shatter his bones during the impact. While the official reports are not out, it does look like Weidman broke his both tibia and fibula, with the fracture being so brutal that it snapped Weidman’s leg in half. Here’s an x-ray of the broken tibia and fibula.

Anderson Silva injury X-ray

It took almost two years for Anderson Silva to make his return to the Octagon, Weidman is 36 right now, and by the time he makes his Octagon return he might turn 38. While many fighters have proved that age is just a number, it will be exciting to see him perform in a division that’s also known for its quickness and agility should he decide to come back to the Octagon after a successful recovery.

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