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COD League Major V – Major Update on the Final Event Before the Championship



COD League

Activision has officially revealed the exact date and venue of the next Call of Duty league. The COD League, which will occur from August 19 to 22r. The prize money has been fixed at 1.2 million dollars.

For the time being, the league has 12 teams and will be looking forward to the COD Championship 2021, which will be held from the 19th to the 22nd of August.

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This competition, which will take place at the end of August, will be the second successful championship since the start of the COD Championships in 2020.

Before the main event, there will be a stage V major event, which will take place between July 29th and August 1st. The unfortunate part is that, as of now, the game will only be shown to paying viewers.

Following the Stage4 major event, which marked the teams’ formal return to LAN play, the next playoff will be held on a stage and in person, with all of the teams assembled at once.

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On the final days, only ticket holders will be permitted to attend the event. The Major V tournament will take place in Arlington, Texas, at the Esports Stadium Arlington. This is the last game before the main tournament. The top eight teams from this league’s 12 teams will be qualified and eligible to compete in the Championship event later this month.

Tickets for the Major V event may be obtained on their official website, or you can go directly to that page by clicking here. After so many online tournaments, fans will be eager to return to the stadium to witness the game. The Galen Center will host the Call of Duty League Championship in 2021. Fans that purchase tickets will be admitted to the venue and will be able to participate in the event as it unfolds.

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Following on from a fantastic debut season. This year’s COD league kicked off in February. A new stage-based structure of three qualifying weekends followed by a major tournament was introduced.

The Atalanta FaZe won stages one, three, and four, while Toronto Ultra won stage two. It will be interesting to see who emerges as the deserving winner of Stage 5. As we approach closer to the Championship Event, COD fans are getting more and more excited. This will be even wilder than previously because it will be an actual event rather than an online one.

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