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Colby Covington Reveals What He Really Said to Kamaru Usman After the Rematch at UFC 268



Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman

Colby Covington is notorious for being a loudmouth. He brought up Kamaru Usman’s father and his trouble with the law in the build-up to UFC 268. Although the champ brushed off Colby’s insults as tactics to sell the fight, Usman certainly did not take his threats lightly. The two fought to the end of the 5th round, and Usman retained his title by unanimous decision.

Despite the animosity, there seemed to be a tender moment between the two fighters after the final buzzer. Before being asked to go to their own corners by the referee, Colby and Usman seemed to bury the hatchet. Joe Rogan interpreted the moment as a sign of respect between the two top welterweight contenders. However, that was not the case, as per Colby Covington.

Here is what Colby Covington said to Kamaru Usman

Colby Covington is very protective of his gimmick, and he will not drop his act at any cost. Hence, when he was asked about what the exchange was between the two fighters, Colby gave a very cheeky reply. He took the opportunity to plug a sponsor, which got a laugh from the hosts.

“We had that little exchange in the end. If you want to know what I said to him in that exchange, I am like ‘ Marty come here, come here Marty, a little closer, Marty, a little closer, use promo code COLBY at'” said the 33-year old in an interview with ‘Submission Radio’.

He then joked around by saying referee Dan Miragliotta did not let him finish the complete code. Colby was then asked about what he really said to Kamaru and if there was any respect between the two. In answer to that, Colby cited the times when Kamaru Usman poked him in the eye and held on to the fence to avoid getting taken down.

He went on to call the current UFC welterweight champion a drug user and said he has no respect for the Nigerian fighter. Colby Covington also believes that he won the fight as rounds 3, 4 and 5 were his. He wants to fight Jorge Masvidal next. A fight against a big name like Masvidal will propel Colby to another crack at the current welterweight champ. Colby Covington is desperate to finish the trilogy with Kamaru Usman.