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Dana White Gives a Disheartening Update on Jon Jones’ Heavyweight Debut

Dana White has put an end to the speculation about who the next opponent of Francis Ngannou is going to be. And it’s The Black Beast, Derrick Lewis. For a long time, fans have been speculating a super fight between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou.

However, it seems UFC is going ahead with the rematch between Lewis and Ngannou as there still exist negotiation issues between UFC and Jon Jones. In a recent interview with Kevin Iole, Dana White revealed that Lewis is likely to take on Ngannou next. White stated:

It’s probably gonna be the Black Beast. At the end of the day, Derrick Lewis and Ngannou is the fight (to make). That’s the fight to make right now,” 

Francis Ngannou
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The first fight between Derrick Lewis and Francis Ngannou ended up being the most boring fight in UFC history. Both Ngannou and Lewis hesitated to engage in a fistfight and it ended up being a stalemate between two of the most ferocious punchers in MMA history. But, White believes that the rematch will be much different from the first fight. White said:

“That fight didn’t do what everybody expected it to do, but it can’t go bad twice, can it?”

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Who does Jon Jones fight next?

The former light heavyweight champion has already made it clear that he is not going back to the light heavyweight division. Jones has claimed that his next fight is going to be for the UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. 

Jon Jones

Jon Jones does not mind waiting for his shot at the title. But, he does need a better offer from UFC for the biggest fight of his career. At the moment, it seems that Dana White and Jon Jones are not even close to being on the same page. But, it’s very likely that UFC will pay Jones a fight purse which will be just enough for Jones to accept the Ngannou fight.


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