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Jon Jones Gets a HUGE Offer From Triller Ahead of Potential UFC Release

The rivalry between Jon Jones and UFC is getting worse day by day. After Dana White stated that Jon Jones might be afraid of fighting Francis Ngannou, the former heavyweight champion has been criticizing UFC on social media.

As per Jon Jones, he needs a huge bump in his fight purse in order to fight Francis Ngannou at heavyweight. Jones also pointed out that UFC has not been nice to him despite him being the greatest MMA fighter to ever grace the octagon. Jones has defended his UFC title more than any other UFC champions in history. He has proved time and time again that he is indeed one of the best to ever do it if not the best of all time.

Jon Jones is not afraid of Francis Ngannou- Daniel Cormier

However, Dana White has been reluctant to fulfill Jones’ financial demands ahead of his heavyweight debut. Responding to White’s recent comments, Jones even demanded UFC to cut him from the roaster. It’s needless to say that Jonas will be an exciting opportunity for other MMA organizations in the world.

Jon Jones gets an offer to fight in the PPV featuring Oscar De La Hoya

And the recent offer from the owner of Triller, Ryan Kavanagh might get some attention for the former light heavyweight champion. Kavanagh offered a MMA fight to Jon Jones on the July 3rd card, which also features the return of Oscar De La Hoya.

Triller has been putting together exciting boxing PPVs. Its last PPV featuring Mike Tyson vs Roy Jon Jr was a huge success. And its upcoming PPV featuring Ben Askren vs Jake Paul seems promising. Though the offer might seem intriguing it’s very likely that UFC will keep one of their biggest stars under its roaster.

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 11: Oscar De La Hoya speaks to the Press during the Canelo vs. Rocky Grand Arrival/Welcome party at Ainsworth Chelsea on December 11, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Bill Tompkins/Getty Images)

Dana White has suggested Jon Jones might scared and he has other options for Ngannou such as Derrick lewis. However, it’s very obvious that White wants to have the upper hand in the negotiations with Jones for his heavyweight debut.

Jon Jones and Dana White had this dispute a few months ago when Francis Nganou was not the champion. However, it seemed both parties came into an agreement as Jones started preparing for a heavyweight debut. Jones has even put on a significant amount of bodyweight expecting to fight the winner of Miocic vs Ngannou 2.

However, the long-anticipated heavyweight debut of Jon Jones seems to be in jeopardy as he gets into a tussle with UFC regarding his fight purse.

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