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Who is the Woman on Darren Till’s Left Arm Tattoo?



The woman on Darren Till's tattoo

Darren Till has a tattoo of his current girlfriend, Cerrone, on the upper side of his left arm. The Liverpool-based fighter is one of the most popular names in the world of mixed martial arts right now. He currently competes in the UFC’s middleweight division.

Darren Till with girlfriend Cerrone

Darren Till with Cerrone (Instagram)

Darren Till has grabbed the attention of mixed martial arts fans around the world for reasons more than one. While his incredible striking and his lethal left hand are always a point of discussion among fans, Till’s extremely hilarious personality is another aspect that makes fans want to know more about the English fighter. The same curiosity has led many of them to wonder who is the woman on Darren Till’s left arm tattoo. Let’s get right into it. 

Fans confuse Darren Till has a tattoo of UFC fighter Paige VanZant

The tattoo on Darren Till’s tattoo on his left arm grabbed so much attention that fans started deducing, with many arriving at the conclusion that it is the tattoo of UFC fighter Paige VanZant. It was only years later that Darren Till would settle the entire confusion by clearing that the tattoo on his left arm is not of UFC fighter Paige Van Zant, but of his girlfriend, who he refers to as “my girl” in an interview.


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“No, it’s not. It’s my girl,” Till had said in an interview given to MMA Fighting. “It was a surprise for her birthday. I don’t know what I was thinking? I was like,Yeah, I’m going to do something different. I’m going to get a tattoo of her face.”

Quite romantic, but altogether weird for another reason why Darren Till has inked his girlfriend on his left arm is so that he can vent his anger on her in the gym. “This is my tattoo. It’s not Paige VanZant. I don’t even know who that is. As I’ve told you about my girl, she’s next to none other. So every time I fight, she fights too. And she gets beat up with me, do you know what I mean?”

“So if she’s p*****g me off, I just go to the gym and let some guys punch me (laughs).”


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A post shared by @darrentill2


So it’s safe to say now that Darren Till doesn’t have a tattoo of Paige VanZant but his girlfriend Cerrone on his left arm. Darren Till is currently dating Cerrone, and the couple has two daughters between them. Darren Till has a third daughter with his girlfriend in Brazil.