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Early Stoppage? Boxing Fans Not Really Impressed With Joe Joyce’s Performance Against Carlos Takam



Joe Joyce stops Carlos Takam

Joe Joyce once again proved his mettle, as the 35-year old stopped Carlos Takam in the sixth round to defend his British, Commonwealth, WBC silver, WBO International, and European Championship to set up an epic clash against the winner of Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyl set to go down this September. However, many boxing and were not too impressed with Joe Joyce’s performance, additionally, raising their eyebrows on the “early stoppage.” 



It won’t be wrong to say that Carlos Takam gave Joyce one of the toughest challenges of his professional career, as the Cameroonian-born-French boxer dominated Joyce for the better part of the fight for as long as it lasted.

Joe Joyce stops Carlos Takam inside SSE Arena in London

Takam managed to land several right hands on Joyce, who looked slow, and a little ineffective with his jabs this time around. Additionally, Takam was able to dig deep into Joyce’s body, and landed several overhand rights to put the champion on backfoot. 





However, a case can be made that it is Takams early onslaught his ability to land his harder shots that must have swayed many fans in the favor of Takam whenever he gets stopped.

Joe Joyce

However, to see Joyce send Takam on wobbly feet, and then follow it up with a flurry of shots did give the idea that Takam looked done in the sixth round. Additionally, there’s only enough damage a boxer at 40-years old should be taking, so or the referee to make that decision only shows concern and not deceit on any part. 





Takam’s output evidently slowed down as the rounds progressed, sending a clear indication of the 40-year olds’ conditioning. One can not deny Joyce’s power as well, who once staggered the boxing veteran with a powerful body shot, and rocked Takam with that final 1-2, before the referee stepped in to stop the fight. 

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