Editorial Guidelines

As this document outlines, Sportsmanor strictly adheres to universally accepted Editorial Standards, which serve as the cornerstone of our editorial operations. At Sportsmanor, Editorial policy acts as a blueprint to create, select, and present content. The Sportsmanor Editorial Policy ensures that our content is trustworthy and original. We aim to provide accurate and engaging news and stories to our readers in the world of sports.

Content Creation and Selection

Our editorial and content team selects sports-related topics based on relevance, timeliness, and readers’ interest. We rigorously edit our articles to ensure clarity, accuracy, and consistency.

Source Verification

We take pride in our commitment to journalistic integrity. Before crafting content for our audience, we verify the accuracy of information gathered from the vast expanse of the Internet and social media. Only verified and credible information makes its way into our news stories.


Sportsmanor’s Editorial decisions are made without any influence from external parties and advertisers. We do not post any sponsored content on Sportsmanor, as our goal is to provide the latest news and stories of interest to sports fans.

Diversity and Inclusion

Sportsmanor is committed to representing diverse voices and perspectives in our content. We aim to cover stories from different cultures, backgrounds, and communities.

Plagiarism and AI

At Sportsmanor.com, we are committed to the ethical principles of journalism, and plagiarism and AI-generated articles are unequivocally contrary to these principles. Plagiarism, which involves replicating someone else’s ideas, processes, results, or words without proper acknowledgment or prior authorization from the original author and source, is unacceptable in our organization. We have also established a process to combat AI-generated articles.

We are steadfast in our determination to provide the best reading experience. This is achieved through a multifaceted approach.

Sportsmanor Editorial System

We strive to provide our readers with the latest sports news and stories in the form of high-quality content. To ensure the quality, accuracy, and consistency of our content, we adhere to Sportsmanor’s editorial process, which consists of three steps.

Firstly, the content team works closely with the writers to ensure the news story is original and relevant to our target audience.

The second step is where editors make sure the content is engaging and free from errors. They also ensure the authenticity of the posts by rigorously checking the facts and making necessary corrections.

Last and most crucially, our editorial team periodically audits our published stories to ensure that the content in our posts is engaging and informative and adheres to the highest standards.


Every article on Sportsmanor undergoes a robust editorial process. However, if there are any inaccuracies in our content, we will make necessary corrections promptly. We also maintain transparency with our readers by adding a note that details any major corrections made.

Opinions and Reviews

Writers are Sportsmanor and are passionate individuals who have been lifelong sports fans. While we strive for objectivity in our news coverage, our editorial and opinion articles allow our writers to express their individual perspectives. We ensure that editorials and opinion articles are clearly labeled and reviewed by our editors before they are made public to our readers.

Privacy and Ethics

At Sportsmanor, we respect the privacy of individuals and organizations. We do not publish personal information or have off-record conversations without explicit consent. Our team adheres to the highest ethical standards, ensuring fairness, accuracy, and integrity in all our news stories.

For feedback, suggestions, or concerns related to our content, please contact our editorial team at editorial@sportsmanor(dot)com.

These guidelines not only define the standards for our platform but also align with our vision and the values we aim to promote within the industry. Evident in our content, Sportsmanor.com is dedicated to principles such as ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Public Interest.’ Given our substantial presence in delivering online content, we recognize the responsibilities that come with our privilege and remain committed to being accountable for the trust placed in us by our audience.

In summary, Sportsmanor.com is resolute in its stance against plagiarism. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering original, high-quality content to our readers, upholding the integrity of journalism, and giving due credit to the creators of the ideas and information we share.



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