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A Comparison Between Battlegrounds Mobile India & PUBG Mobile Lite



Battlegrounds Mobile

Krafton Inc, the firm behind the popular game PUBG, has announced the introduction of a new battle royale game in India. Battlegrounds Mobile India will be a game exclusive to India, and it will be essentially PUBG Mobile in a new version tailored to the country.

The corporation confirmed that it changed the game according to Indian law and regulations while maintaining the aesthetics of the original game. But the two still have many similarities. The pre-registration trailer for the game was released on May 18th, and it featured popular PUBG Mobile characters Jonathan, Kronten, and Dynamo, as well as Arshad Warsi, a well-known Indian actor

PUBG Mobile Lite, the lighter version of PUBG Mobile, was launched back in August 2019. There are minimum system needs and other modifications to guarantee that low-end devices are able to play smoothly.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the author’s personal thoughts. There are also several other themes, and this article examines a few of the more noticeable.

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When comparing these two games, there are a lot of similarities and differences. Here are some lists that I produced to help our readers differentiate between the two games.

The Distinctions between Battlegrounds Mobile India and Pubg Lite


First and foremost, Krafton has revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India would have its own dedicated in-game events and esports tournaments, whereas Pubg Mobile Lite was available worldwide and its competitions were held worldwide.


Now we’ll talk about privacy. Karfton said that they worked on the game to address the government’s privacy and security concerns about Pubg Mobile and Pubg Mobile Lite, as well as partnering with Azure to store battleground mobile data.

According to the developers’ release, players under the age of 18 would be required to obtain parental authorization by providing their phone numbers. Even after that, kids will only be permitted to play for 3 hours each day. In addition, in-game purchases for players under the age of 18 will be limited to 7000 rupees. Krafton has taken a pretty amazing step. We had previously heard of such incidents where the child had spent a lot of money on the game. As a consequence, this is a perk of the new game.


When it comes to maps, we could be able to see some new ones As a result, we might be in for a new adventure but Battlegrounds Mobile India will include the Sanhok map from Pubg Mobile, according to Krafton whereas there were just two maps in Pubg Mobile Lite, Golden Woods and Varenga.

Taking a look at some of the parallels


Both are centered on the concept of a battle royale because Battlegrounds Mobile India is essentially a spin-off of Pubg Mobile India, the game will be based on a common idea, as well as gameplay techniques and other elements. Pubg Mobile India Lite was similar, but with lower visuals, thus I assume they’re both the same concept.

APK Sizes

Battlegrounds mobile India apk is believed to be 600 MB in size, including in-game downloads, allowing users to download only the features they require and not any that aren’t. Pubg mobile lite apk was also 600 since it had reduced aesthetics and was only a low-end version of pubg. After Battlegrounds Mobile India is released, there will be more variances seen and discussed.

After Battlegrounds Mobile India is released, there will be more variances seen and discussed.